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Actor Tobey McGuire’s Stylist Glassess


Actor Tobey McGuire for Prada Fall/Winter 2011 Campaign

The right glasses should balance your ensemble in a sophisticated way for the best result. Large glasses look best with long flowing apparel for women. Solid black may provide a dramatic statement, but frames exhibiting more subtle shades of colour such as browns and dark greens may be necessary to balance some outfits. For flattering the face of women, choose glasses that enhance the cheekbones and enhance the effect with bronzer and lip-gloss. Men should wear glasses with a slick haircut for the trendiest look.

Glasses provide glamour, style and sophistication for any occasion. These occasions can be a trip to the golf course, a wild ride on a motorcycle or an important social event. Choose rimless specs, trendy geek chic black framesin rectangular shapes or sport the look of your favourite Hollywood trendsetter. You can also choose to change or enhance your natural eye colour with contact lenses.

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