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5 Items Mens Fashion Avoiding This Spring/Summer

Guys are done enough with what to wear this spring/summer. We have been discussing about what mens fashion includes for men this summer and all specific mens style and fashion for this spring/summer in this fashion trend. But many of you still want to know what you should cut of their styling wardrobe.

So, for you guys here 5 items of mens style being avoided this fashion trend are shortlisted. You are urged to keep these fashions out of your wardrobe in present fashion trend.

Comedy Slogan T-shirts


Many men think that how he would present him as a funny guy without wearing a T-shirt with an obnoxious slogan slapped across it. Sorry guys!!! You are running on the wrong way. Mens fahion has expired it as it just makes a disaster look such as you are sharing a wardrobe with your old man. It’s surely fine to show some personality through your clothing sense but still doesn’t get you the appeal.

Replace with: Plain or Printed T- shirts

What mens clothing can replace this style? All you can do yourself a favor by keeping it plain crew neck or something with a subtle print.

Bootcut Jeans


Though Denim is an evergreen trend for mens fashion and it’s humbly loved by men for street fashion, you must not wear cowboy boots in a regular basis. Do you? Actually there remains no confusion over wearing a bootcut jeans if you’re not accommodating ludicrously elaborate footwear. So just leave it in its place.

Replace with: Slim or Straight-fit Denim

You must exchange your bootcut jeans with some mens fashion worthy slim or straight fit Denim. And see the differences between your two types of Denim.

The “Going Out” Shirt


With the rising temperature in the summer, mens style and sense of fashion also changes. It’s very obvious, that you will not only think of your fashion sense keeping out the comfort. It’s really nonsense. You should and must wear those clothing which make you feel comfortable with highest fashion sense. So, you must gonna cut Wool blazers or leather jackets off your summer fashion stored wardrobe.

The Classic Oxford Button-Down


Instead of those uncomfortable and warm leather jackets and all, you should bring a change in your fashion with a low-key cotton Oxford Shirt such as a classic, fuss-free design or any stylish going out look according to this mens fashion trend.

Beaded/Wooden Jewelry


Guys wake up!!! It makes no sense in undermining that by flirting with the jewelry best left to surfer bros. Just throw your wooden beaded necklace off right now. And keep it as simple as that you do with your casual fashion.

Replace with: Classic Jewelry

Add some stylish and trendy chains, rings or bracelets to get perfect mens style. Cargo Shorts In recently past mens fashion trend, there was a very much “more the merrier” type mentality where pockets had been the main concern of men’s shorts. Cargo shorts are such kind of mens clothing with a look of enormous sagging pouches to stow. But, in modern mens style the pockets and pouched has reduced to such a ratio that now mens shorts don’t need to carry more than a phone and a wallet. This fashion trend highly opposes the Cargo shorts.

Chino Shorts


If your wardrobe contain a pair of Cargo Shorts still now, then just replace it with a slim-fitting chino shorts at once. It would naturally bring you a stylish, comfortable and trendy look.

Wrire your comment over all mens casual fashion down below here. We love to hear from you as

always. 🙂

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