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7 Classic Short Hairstyles & Cuts

7 Classic Short Hairstyles & Cuts

How to get the short haircut you want.

Leonardo Dicaprio
We spoke to the stylist for our shoot with Leonardo Dicaprio, Natalia Bruschi, to get the scoop on how to achieve his signature brand of graceful messiness. “On his wet hair, I applied Oribe Gel Serum and then combed it through into a side part. Once the hair was partially dried, I broke it up a bit.” Gel Serum isn’t a hard product, so you won’t get the kind of stiff helmet head that you could crack an egg on. Instead, once it’s dry, your hair will loosen up and soften, leaving enough hold to give it a sort-of-orderly-but-still-sort-of-messy look.

Ryan Gosling
Gosling sports one of the easiest styles to emulate for any face or hair type. Ask for something high and tight on the side, and about an inch longer on top. Add a side part, which you’ll maintain by towel-drying, then using matte pomade with a comb. Sidenote: We can’t guarantee this hairstyle will make all women love you.


Hugh Jackman
Jason Schneidman, the man Hollywood trusts to translate the image of its biggest characters from the big screen to the red carpert says about Jackman, “We wanted to keep the feel of Wolverine but do something more wearable.”

He cut the hair to about a half-inch on the sides and two-and-a-half inches up top before shaping it so that it could be swept up and back, or just brushed to the side. The “corners” are left rough and textured, “so it looks a little more wild, like it hasn’t just been cut.” Because, despite those blade-like claws, Wolverine probably doesn’t trim his hair very often.

Alexander Skarsgard
Almost any man can achieve this look, and it’s an especially good choice for guys with a receding hairline. “Longer up front and shorter everywhere else gives the illusion of a fuller head of hair,” says Elle Medico, a men’s stylist at Paul Labrecque Salon. One thing to note: If you’ve got curly hair, this style’s not for you.


Daniel Day Lewis
As for the receding hairline, well, most guys opt to clip things short all around so as not to draw attention to their follicular distress. “He’s growing more hair where it’s receding, which isn’t something a stylist would normally tell a guy to do,” says Elle Medico, men’s stylist at Paul Labrecque Salon in New York.

He’s also cutting the sides very short and going right in for a strong, square top. By not blending, he shifts attention away from the forehead, and instead puts it on the locks that are still left. You can achieve a similar result by pumping up your hair’s body and texture. After towel drying, style it with a small amount a stiff wax.


Chris Pine
Square jaw line? Good for you. Get it cut almost like Chris Pine. Go shorter and much tight on the sides and let it air-dry. Then go back at it with a bit of pomade. You can skip the highlights, unless you’re hgeaded back to the Starship Enterprise.

Michael Ealy
If you’ve got curly hair and a more angular face, go modern with a round cut. This one’s about a half an inch longer on top than on the sides. If it starts looking too bushy it’ll be pretty obvious you need a trim.

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