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Author: Menz Fashion

Best-Selling Men’s Watches for 2016

Casio Pathfinder Introducing the new Pro Trek PRW2500, a high-performance tool developed under the supervision of meteorologists to take on challenging environments. Like all triple sensor Pro Trek models, the PRW2500 features easy-one-touch operation of its altimeter/barometer, compass, and thermometer. A reconfigured duplex LCD provides optimal layout for information at-a-glance when you’re on the go. In addition to numerical and trend graph data, unique arrow icons help to indicate characteristic barometric pressure patterns. Water resistance to 200 meters improves performance while river trekking and rafting where one would encounter strong water pressure. The addition of tide and moon graph/data...

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When man made the football boot, little did he know that one day his 500g, leather construction would be replaced – or remodeled, shall we say – using flyknit technology. If you’re not familiar with Nike’s flyknit variations, it is much like it sounds; strands of woven yarn assembled to compromise the upper of a shoe, making them so light that it feels as if you can (ahem) “fly”. Adidas were the first to bring out a knitted boot – the “Primeknit” – but they failed to weave their way on to the world stage. Luis Suárez was their...

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How To Live Without Wearing Jeans

You Should Stop Wearing Jeans, Today. Innovation, works of art and good comedy — these are all things born out of necessity. And in the winter months when we’re forced to balance staying warm with keeping stylish, innovation is paramount. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy to wake up each day and slide into your favorite pair of jeans. Yes, a versatile, durable pair of jeans feels like all you really need in life. That and a perfect-fitting pair of sweatpants. But what if jeans weren’t any option? Then what? “Taking this wardrobe staple totally off the table has the effect...

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6 Types Of Men’s Bags

Step Up Your Accessory Game With One Of These Classic Bags If you still think a man’s bag is a ‘murse’, you’re sadly behind on the times. Despite what The Hangover may have you believe, the stigma attached to men’s bags is officially a thing of the past. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the sales of men’s luxury bags leaped an astonishing 47% in 2014 and with those kinds of stats, came a flood of stylish men’s accessory collections on the market. Anyone from Kanye West to David Beckham have been snapped sporting a...

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These Are the 5 Haircuts Every Man Needs to Know This Spring

A fresh haircut is the perfect way to welcome the warmer weather, and this year, it’s all about variations on three classics: long hair, the short back and sides, and the crop. That’s according to Adam Brady from award-winning UK-based barbershop Ruffians. Here, he breaks down five great options for the months ahead. WILD WAVES (SHOWN ON MODEL JON KORTAJARENA) What is it? For those with a substantial amount of hair on top, you can now afford to go messy and wild without much hassle. The shorter your back and sides are, the more dramatic the cut will be;...

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