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Author: Menz Fashion

5 Style Rules You Can Learn from One of Britain’s Best-Dressed Rappers

Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu, better known by his stage name Tinie Tempah, has become almost as well known for his forward-thinking style choices and perennial front-row fashion week appearances as for his music. So with spring finally here, we show you how to take the best of the bold rapper’s style and incorporate it into your own wardrobe—from grandad collars to green bombers. 1 NO COLLAR IS THE NEW COLLAR For those warmer days, be sure to pick up a collarless shirt. It’s a style that will add an element of contemporary cool to pretty much any outfit—whether worn in...

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From casual to formal and everything in between, expert stylists break down the essential men’s footwear you need in your closet. Shoes make the man. It’s one of the fashion bible’s most quoted verses—and, sartorially speaking, one of the truest. “Shoes are the most defining and elevating item you can wear,” says Aldo creative director Douglas Bensadoun. “What else can e…ffectively turn a casual outfit into something sophisticated? Or a fancy get-up into something more sporty?” “Shoes are pretty essential,” concurs stylist Erin Turon, who’s dressed Hugh Jackman, Michael Strahan, and Mark Wahlberg for their respective MF covers. “A...

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Warby Parker’s New Glasses Bring Winter Layering to Eyewear

The retro-modern Windsor collection offers a little something different this season. Warby Parker has made a name for itself selling stylish everyday eyewear that won’t put a major dent in your checking account, but for its latest collection, founders Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa wanted to do things a little differently. The Windsor collection is the brand’s most offbeat offering to date, combining vintage-inspired looks with clip-on lenses and round-framed models that recall those worn by guys like John Lennon and David Hockney back in the day. And though it clearly takes its cues from mid-20th Century designs, the...

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You spend a lot of time and money picking out the right trousers, so why not take the same time and care over the accessory you slip into their back pocket every single day? If your wallet’s looking battered and fit-to-burst, it’s high time to upgrade. From minimalist billfolds to designer card holders, here’s our edit of the best wallets on the market for men right now. Just because you have to wear a suit 9-5 doesn’t mean your wallet has to be serious too. We’re big fans of this new season Louis Vuitton coated canvas wallet, complete with...

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Scurfa’s Diver One is Rugged, Water Resistant and Affordable

When did dive watches stop being dive watches and become precious man-jewelry? Sure, the digital dive computer has replaced the watch as the instrument of choice for underwater use, but most dive watches today have gotten expensive, transforming from tools for adventure to mere symbols of it. And that’s a shame, because they’re built more rugged than ever, with exotic case materials, sturdy movements and absurd depth ratings. Yet most guys leave their dive watches behind when they go to the beach or even hop in the pool. Well, the Scurfa Watches Diver One ($200) is a watch you...

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