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Author: Menz Fashion

5 Stylish Men’s Hair Trends From Spring 2016 Runways

Hair trends from Men’s Spring 2016 collections showcase a collective revival of vintage hairstyles with redefined dimensions and idiosyncratic touches. Fortunately, the array of hair looks, featured trends that can be reproduced for different hair types. This means there is something for everybody, no matter what your hair type or length is. We take you through the most popularised hairstyle trends from the Spring 2016 runways covering everything from revived pompadours to redefined fringes, that will lend inspiration for newer, distinguished accompaniments for your spring and summer looks. Fifties Slick A distinctive fifties hair reference point was the order...

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What To Wear To A Wedding

Here’s How To Dress For A Wedding (And Impress All The Bridesmaids) Wedding season is in full bloom. It’s the time of year when young couples declare their love for one another in front of weeping family and friends, and then everyone proceeds to get inappropriately hammered on some ritzy golf course or banquet hall. Being a wedding guest can be a stressful position: you have to RSVP on time, find a date, get a good gift, and try not to appear to drunk in front of someone else’s elderly relatives. One of the most difficult parts of preparing...

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Top 10 Street Style Trends From Men’s Fashion Week A/W 2016

Street style never fails to impress, and the latest from Men’s Fashion Weeks A/W 2016 around the globe are certainly no exemption. The latest in street style has highlighted a reignited interest in rich, warm colours and materials perfect for inspiring our own wardrobes. We’ve compiled top 10 street style trends from the Autumn/Winter 2016 menswear collections, for authentic inspiration as found on the streets of the fashion capitals. 1. Emerald Green One of, if not the best kind of green, emerald green has lately stood out as a favourable colour choice in the street style scene across the...

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1. ANGULAR FRINGE     The angular fringe was an emerging trend among male fashion models in 2014, and it was so widely popular, we are certain it will become a widely popular trend among all men in 2016. This look is achieved with tapered sides, but keeps the top layer long and cut at angle. It looks great on all face shapes, but is best suited for men with a round face. 2. CAESAR HAIRCUT     The Caesar haircut is a popular buzz cut, but for good reason. The short length of the style makes it easy...

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The Best-Dressed Menswear Designers

Considering their day job is to make guys look dope, it’s peculiar how many menswear designers default to a jeans and sweats uniform that seems more suited to reinvigorating the garage than the zeitgeist. The kind assumption tenders that when you’re helming a label, creativity you’d exert on your own wardrobe is better spent reinventing everyone else’s. Fair. But as these men below prove, you can expend energy on your own swag without lessening what you send down the runway. Charlie Casely-Hayford It’s arguably an unfair advantage in the style stakes when a) your dad is one of British...

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