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Author: Menz Fashion

10 casual style tips for guys

When уоu tаkе thеѕе tiрѕ, bеfоrе you knоw it, you’ll lооk in thе mirror, and you’ll see a guу lооking bасk whо looks just likе you, except a bеttеr-drеѕѕеd vеrѕiоn оf уоu. Thеѕе аrе some саѕuаl ѕtуlе tiрѕ for guуѕ whо want tо look ѕhаrр outside of a suit and tiе. Aim for Maturity Mаnу men аррrоасh thеir саѕuаl style frоm thе wrоng аnglе; they aim tо lооk уоuthful. But if уоu wаnt tо lооk wеll-drеѕѕеd, you should always аim to lооk mature bесаuѕе mаturitу is an аttrасtivе ԛuаlitу in men. Mаturitу, аftеr аll, is whаt ѕераrаtеѕ thе mеn...

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Fashion Tips For Men Sizzling Summer Style

By Suzanne Gerber for Style + Tech For Men You may think that picking up a few new T-shirts is all you need for a stylin’ summer wardrobe. However, “creating a summer wardrobe is an ongoing process, not a one-day event,” says AICI-certified image consultant Ann Lindsay, who, as founder of Style of Success , makes her living by helping sartorially challenged dudes upgrade their “visual credentials.” Trends come and go, but if you rely on the basics, you’ll have a look that scores under the sun, summer after summer. The good news? “It only takes a few inexpensive...

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How To Match Men’s Shirts To The Suit

Sometimes, putting together the different elements of men’s fashion to form a completed outfit can be a complex process. Many men aren’t quite sure of how to select designer jeans, how a suit should fit, what kinds of shoes they should wear or how to match men’s shirts to the suits. Unlike an outfit for a woman, men’s fashion and more specifically men’s suits are typically only found in a handful of different shades, in either solid or pinstripes. Even with the limited color scheme, it can be quite difficult trying to match men’s shirts to the suit if...

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What is Street Fashion all about?Trend up with values!

The type of fashion that has been materialized from the grassroots of the public is termed as street fashion. This type of fashion is inherently affiliated with one’s traditional, cultural or social ways. The cultural part is more of the youth culture. It is mostly seen in the urban centers of the country and is adopted mostly by the young members of the society. This urban stylish outwear of the people is usually featured in the international and national magazines and recently published newsletters of the area. One of the best supporting examples of the featured photographs of the...

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Top 8 fashion brands for men

Fashion Brands are the craze of the majority of men and women because it is the source through which they can get a stylish and different identity. They like to change a variety of dresses daily to attain a trendy look with the help of the brands. Branded accessories and dresses is the demand of the majority due to the demand of modern style. There are many brands that help to maintain your wardrobe in a unique manner. These branded wardrobe essentials can be put on in different ways and various styles.  Here is the list of top 8 fashion...

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