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Author: Farhana

Perfect Fragrance for Men

It’s one thing to decide you’re going to wear scent, but how do you tell which one’s right for you? Your average menswear store, even if it carries fragrances, doesn’t have a “perfume counter” like the ladies’ section does. That’s good, in one sense, since you’re a lot less likely to be sprayed unexpectedly with an unwanted sample. Seriously, does anyone like that? But it also means you have little to judge except the packaging and the price. So what makes the difference between one cologne and the next?7 Today, we are going to focus on 8. 1. Composition...

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5 Ways To Shave Your Face

The Stoic philosopher Epictetus famously stated that he would rather embrace death than shave his beard. Wow. That’s taking it to an extreme! A completely shaven face is indicative of good grooming habits and a professional attitude. My first experience shaving was at the age of fifteen. Back then – my choice of razor was plastic, the disposable type found in local drug stores. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. It took years of experimenting with different types of razors and hours of practice until I got the hang of the ultimate way to shave your face – using a straight razor....

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How To Travel Light

Overpacking is the biggest mistakes people make when they travel. Why? Because all that extra baggage weighs you down and impedes your journey! Traveling light makes the trip more enjoyable, less stressful and more productive because you have less to think about, less to lose, and more time to enjoy. That being said – how do you fit all the luggage you need for a trip into one bag? It starts with a simple checklist to eliminate all the unnecessary items that go into your bags. Let’s start by asking some basic questions about your trip: What is the weather like...

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5 Items That Should Be In A versatile Wardrobe

There is a compelling reason why humans like uniformity. We live in a world that presents us with overwhelming choices. One less choice to make is going to result in better focus where it counts.  Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and a growing list of influential leaders have shared that decisions on what clothes to wear is not something they want to waste energy on. They simplify their wardrobe choices by wearing the same outfit every single day. A grey t-shirt with jeans – Zuckerberg’s uniform – is not going to suit everyone’s work and lifestyle choices. A better approach would...

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9 Factors That Affect Men’s Hair Loss

Hair Loss. Balding. The Receding Hairline. For many men – it’s an inevitable part of life. Their father, grandfather, and brothers all had it – so they’ll deal with balding as well. Right? Well – what if there were ways to delay balding. What if you could put off hair loss through lifestyle changes? Although there are no guarantees here – there is research that balding is caused by 9 factors. Six of which can be off-set to a degree. Curious? In 2013, an article was published in the journal Plastic Reconstructive Surgery studying factors that influence male hair...

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