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Author: Farhana

Mens Style with an Eyeglasses

Eye glasses are another essential part of mens fashion. Many guys just add it to their manly style for their fondness of it, not for the need actually. At a time eyeglasses were just a need against the weakness of sight and only one eyeglass was used for all type of mens clothing. In that time it couldn’t be even imagined that contact eyeglasses could ever be added to mens fasion. But in recent fashion trend it’s having good demand in mens trendy fashion. Mens trendy fashion has warmly welcomed contact glasses and given a place to it. Men...

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Mens Fashion for Theme Parties

What mens fashion recommends for clothing when you get an invitation of a theme party without any specific dress code? Actually I won’t say that it’s confusing. Because just think it, you have the freedom of wearing your favorite one and show your own signature style to all. Yes, that’s really a very good opportunity of showing off mens style. If it isn’t an official or this related party then feel free to attend with your style. Firstly try to get information directly from the host if possible, what kind of party he’s gonna throw. And if it’s not...

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Mens clothing for this summer 2015

The word summer is enough to make you think of Heat, Sweat, Thirst, Sun etc. so you can’t help but try to cut off many of your clothing from your favorite clothing list. But that’s not the solution. You still don’t know how to maintain your outfits with this hot weather and what men’s clothing are going to rock on this summer. Mens fashion has always been changed with the flow of the trend and it’s very normal. But some rules never changes in their style and clothing. Many of you would have already known what is common for...

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Better Place for Better Hairstyle

I saw most of men getting confused that where they should go for a perfect hairstyle, to a salon or a barbershop. On the other hand many other men even in this age of mens fashion still think that both are same. It’s funny that they even don’t query about the differences. Both salons and barbershops have their positive and negative aspects in their purposes to mens style for hair. They both provide different services for mens hairstyle. Here we will discuss them and I hope after reading this article you’ll have clear idea when you need go where...

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Summer Street fashion 2015

Guys in this summer are more likely to wear colorful outfits with the fashion trend and their forecasters also styling and designing according to their choices. As we all are known already that global warming has getting higher and higher day by day. As a result the summers are getting too much hot and uncomfortable. This change has a compact effect on mens fashion. Forecasters keeping this in mind are avoiding coarser fabrics, leathers and all in mens clothing. And it has more flexibility in men’s street style. Because, Street Style is the only fashion for guys where they...

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