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The arrival of the office festive season is not a free pass to start rocking business shorts to work. Nor is it a nod to hitting on that cute HR lady. A true gentleman never drops his game even on the very last day of the working calendar. Today we present to you the simple steps to cultivating a positive workplace style and keeping that suave reputation of yours intact in the office. We can’t guarantee you a promotion, but we can make sure you’ll be punching above your weight. #1 Have A Signature Scent A man’s own scent is just as important as his clothes. We’re not talking about leaving your pheromones on every cubicle wall. Instead pick a subtle fragrance that isn’t too common and overpowering, and use it to build your office presence in a pleasant manner. Whether you’re in a lift or in a meeting, it’ll ensure you’re putting the right foot forward for being noticed. Note: Banana Republic’s Creative Director Simon Kneen once told Forbes that “I don’t wear a fragrance to work. But I do think a modest scent is O.K. I do really believe in signature fragrances though. I have been wearing the same fragrance for 25 years.” #2 Correct Your Posture Too many years spent hunched over your PC playing DOOM has likely diminished your body’s natural posture. It’s now time to fix...

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The bomber jacket has flown far and wide since its aviator origins. As a military uniform for pilots and soldiers during the war, the bomber jacket was picked up by style icons soon after and fast became a men’s fashion essential – which stands true still in the new century. Recognised for its transeasonal versatility – making it wearable in summer and winter – the bomber jacket’s cropped, square silhouette cuts a masculine figure and its ribbed cuffs and elastic waistband refine the torso of the modern man. It’s a sure-fire way to add some bad boy to your wardrobe too,...

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Deck the halls with boughs of holly. The merry season is upon us. Which means the socialites (and socially awkward) are readying themselves for what’s ahead: a ceremonious office Christmas party and catch-up dinners or drinks with family and close friends. Whether you’re a one-party-wonder or known to ride the drinks train for all it’s worth, getting prepped for the food-coma, liver destruction time of year shouldn’t derail us from choosing a solid party outfit – and looking darn good. These six style rules are your party season checklist. If Santa – the man who single-handedly delivers millions of...

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Razor Types Pros & Cons

The Stoic philosopher Epictetus famously stated that he would rather embrace death than shave his beard.Wow. That’s taking it to an extreme! A completely shaven face is indicative of good grooming habits and a professional attitude. My first experience shaving was at the age of fifteen. Back then – my choice of razor was plastic, the disposable type found in local drug stores. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. It took years of experimenting with different types of razors and hours of practice until I got the hang of the ultimate way to shave your face – using a straight razor. Nowadays...

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Custom Suit Review

Have you thought about buying a custom suit online? It can be scary to purchase an expensive new suit that you don’t even get to try on before buying. To make things worse, there are so many suit makers to choose from. You don’t want to waste your money, but you need a suit that fits. That’s why I publish reviews here on I want to help you avoid buying low-quality, over-priced and ill-fitting clothes. This review is for Arden Reed, an online custom clothier based out of New York City. They sell suits, shirts, pants, blazers and...

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