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Best Driving Gloves Comparison Review for 2018

Best Driving Gloves Comparison Review for 2018

The enormous benefits of men driving gloves make them highly demanded by a lot of people today. Not only are they great at cushioning the impact of extremely cold weather on your fingers, they have a stylish look, which gives drivers a touch of class. With the right type of driving glove, you won’t be worried about blisters especially if you are a racing driver or always drive long distances.

If you would love to have a pair of these hand protectors, it’s important to select the perfect one for you. As there are so many of them in the market these days, it might become a bit confusing to select the ideal one. But that shouldn’t be a problem anymore because we have everything that you desire for. Below are the best men’s driving gloves for warmth and safety of your hands. At the end of the review, you’ll be able to choose the perfect one for your need.

Top 10 Driving Gloves Comparison

Best Driving Gloves Review

1. HiCool Touch Screen Driving Gloves

Best Driving Gloves

Hicool Touch mens driving gloves is the ultimate leather material for long distance drivers or those involved in car racing. Interestingly, it comes with a very affordable price tag, despite its quality leather design. It comes with different color shades but the most adorable is dark blue. It’s designed with touch conductive fabric at the forefinger and tips of thumb to allow drivers easily use touch screen devices like vehicle GPs systems, tablets, ipads, smartphones, and lots more. This best mens driving gloves is the right one for winter because of its thick lycra fabric that keeps your hands warm when driving, hiking, biking, or running. These days, most people prefer fashionable gloves that are in line with current fashion trends both in design and colour. If you are concerned about how fashionable the mens driving gloves is, the reflective strips along with its attractive dark blue color surely makes it one of the best leather driving gloves you will ever see.

It’s designed with thick leather material to keep you comfortable during cold winters
Comes with wear-resisting silicon which makes it very durable
Ultimate comfort that enables you freely move your fingers
Attractive and fashionable design
Small sizes are quite a bit scarce to find compared to the medium and large sizes of the glove
Final Verdict: Hicool is definitely one of the best leather driving gloves for drivers who prefer comfort and flexibility more than anything else.
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2. Luxury Mens driving gloves

As the name implies, Luxury mens driving gloves truly has come up with luxury features when compared to other brands in the market. It is designed with superior Italian Nappa leather which is one of the best leather materials specifically for mens driving gloves. With 100% fleece lining, 70% wool lining, and 100% cashmere lining, the glove has been specifically designed to provide ultimate comfort for drivers and other users. It comes in different colors such as black, brown, and dark blue to give you a plethora of options when selecting the right one for you. Luxury Mens driving gloves is flexible and keeps your hand very warm, while allowing you to easily flex your fingers and get a tight grip on the steering.

Impressive gripping on the palm
Great comfort to enable finger use on touchscreen
Designed with durable leather material
Comes with only two sizing options, which makes it bigger for people with smaller hands
Final Verdict: Luxury mens driving glove is a true luxury driving glove for those who are looking for high quality leather gloves. They are made with durable materials, comfortable, and quite flexible.
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3. Pratt and Hart Traditional Mens driving gloves

Our next product for review is one of the best leather driving gloves in terms of lightweight. Prat and Hart mens driving gloves is renowned for its extremely light weight even though it does a perfect job of keeping you warm during harsh cold winter mornings. It comes with fine grained leather, knuckle holes to prevent you from sweating inside, elasticized wrist snugger, as well as wrist strap for better comfort.
When it comes to durability, Pratt and Hart is surely one of the best leather driving gloves around. Apart that, you can’t take anything away from its classic look. The company has maintained a long reputation of manufacturing some of the best leather driving gloves in the industry and they have not disappointed with this new model.

Classic design and exceptional quality
Lightweight and very comfortable
Carefully crafted to stand the test of time
The linings are made from the finest materials such as thermolite, micro-fleece, and wool
The snap is a bit difficult to close
Final Verdict: If you are going to be driving for a long distance and really need gloves that can keep your hands comfortable on the wheels, this impressive mens driving gloves are surely your best bet.
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4. Reed Mens Driving Gloves

Here is another properly designed best leather driving gloves made with high quality leather. It’s designed by one of the oldest companies in the industry. Quite frankly, REED has been making mens driving gloves since 1950 and their experience in the industry has actually been brought to the table. Just like other best leather driving gloves, this model is high-tech compatible, which keeps your fingers comfortable as you touch a screen or snap a photo. REED Mens driving gloves is lightweight and comfortably fits in hand. It comes with a wide array of color and size options, making it versatile for all sizes of hands. But the most interesting feature of the glove is the warm feel it provides during cold winter. If you want to keep your hand warm when driving or during an outdoor activity, REED Mens driving gloves will definitely help you a lot.

Comes in different color shades and sizes
Comfortable look and extremely soft
Allows the fingers to stay very flexible
The design is not very classy
Final Verdict: If you are not too interested in the beauty of a glove yet looking for one which can do the job for you (which is, comfort and protection against cold), this leather mens driving gloves will be ideal for you.
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5. Eddis Touch Screen Best leather driving gloves

Eddis Touchscreen mens driving gloves is perfectly designed for winter use. Weather you are driving, skating, or just want to relax outdoors during cold winter, this touchscreen glove will provide the warm and comfort you crave for. Just like other best leather driving gloves, this one comes with anti-skid design which increases friction and abrasion resistance, as it prevents items from slipping from your hands. This means that you can easily operate your touchscreen devices while putting on the gloves. Additionally, there’s one improvement that has been made on this mens leather driving gloves model from the previously designed model. It comes with elastic wrist cuff, which makes it very easy to put on and take off the glove. Overall, Eddis is up there as one of the best leather driving gloves in the market today.

Very easy to wear and take off
Designed with durable leather material
Provides comfortable grip
Enables the users easily operate smart phones while wearing gloves
Their light material may not be suitable for extremely harsh cold weather
Final Verdict: If you are looking for a comfortable mens driving gloves you can wear and still able to effectively operate your mobile gadgets, Eddic Touchscreen is one of the best leather driving gloves to have.
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6. Men’s Touchscreen best Leather Driving Gloves

Touchscreen Mens driving gloves is one of the best mens driving gloves you will ever see in the market when it comes to lightweight. The cuff is designed with wood and cashmere blend while the lining is made of 100% polyester. It is very flexible on the hands and is quite comfortable when operating touchscreen devices. The glove’s most alluring feature is the ability to use your fingertips on any phone screen. Moreover, it’s very durable and very soft on the steering wheel for those who have cars that come with classic steering wheels. Interestingly, Touchscreen Mens driving gloves is very affordable compared to other good driving gloves in its class.

Designed with very durable leather material
Feels comfortable and quite compatible to be used on all types of touchscreen devices
Enables strong grip on the wheels
Leather is not very thick and might not provide enough warmth in extremely cold environments
Final Verdict: With Touchscreen Mens driving gloves, you can easily operate your touchscreen devices with ease while keeping your hands protected from cold.
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7. Vbiger mens Driving Gloves


Two words can be used to describe this Vbiger mens driving gloves: flexibility and warmth. Although it provides warmth during cold winter, Vbiger men’s driving gloves is also very comfortable and flexible when moving the fingers. The flexibility feature will come in handy when you are trying to operate your phone. It’s soft and comfortable to wear and delicately designed with premium Lycra. In addition, Vbiger mens driving gloves are abrasion resistant and equipped with silicon printing for durability and more flexibility. This feature also makes it possible for you to effectively operate your touch screen with your fingers without taking the gloves off.

Elastic glove for better user experience
Comfortable to wear while operating touchscreen devices
Perfectly designed to stand the test of time
Thin and may not provide strong warmth in extremely cold environments
Final Verdict: Vbiger mens driving gloves is one of the best leather driving gloves in the market today because of its comfort and impressive touch sensors. It’s therefore highly recommended.
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8. Anccion Mens driving gloves

Anccion mens driving gloves is one of the most popular among leather glove users and there are good reasons why the impressive glove is highly regarded. Firstly, it’s extremely comfortable and provides great warmth for your hands during harsh winter conditions. Another reason for its popularity is the quality material used in its design. The authentic and real sheepskin has been used in making this mens driving gloves which is enough to meet your desires and also all that you need to know about its durability. Those who travel long distances while driving will love the comfortable feel of the glove. Interestingly, Anccion is not only made for drivers. Its classic design makes it suitable for anyone looking for a stylish looking leather glove when operating their touchscreen devices while wearing the glove for warmth.

Anccion leather mens driving gloves is easy to wear and pull off
It’s durably designed
Comfortable and provides great warmth during cold weather
Stylish design
It comes mostly in small and medium sizes
Final Verdict: For those who are looking for a very comfortable mens driving gloves with stylish looking design, Anccion is a good driving gloves and definitely one of the best leather driving gloves in the market right now.
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9. GLOUE Mens driving Gloves

Gloue Mens driving gloves is made of windproof and water resistant materials to effectively provide warmth to the hands while driving or performing other outdoor activities during in cold environments. Apart from driving, it’s perfect for normal use for other activities because of its light design. And when it comes to flexibility, only the best leather driving gloves can be compared with this model. It comes in different color shades to give users different color options. Gloue Mens driving gloves is super soft, making it ideal to wear during long distance driving. Overall, the glove is well made and reasonably priced despite its alluring features.

Provides great warmth for drivers during extremely cold conditions
Properly made with durable leather materials
Reasonably priced
Very comfortable snug fit
Available in only small and medium sizes
Average touch screen quality
Final Verdict: If you are looking for a very simple but comfortable mens driving gloves that will provide warmth to your hands while driving, this impressive hand glove is surely an option for you to consider.
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10. WARMEN Faux Mens driving gloves

Although the last on this list, WARMEN mens driving gloves are definitely not the least when it comes to comfortable feel and cold cushioning abilities. It’s a renowned brand with a touch of quality in all areas. This leather mens driving gloves is made with 100% polyurethane while the cuff is 85% wool and 15% cashmere. The combination of these materials makes WARMEN one of the best leather driving gloves in the market today. Just like other best leather driving gloves, it has a high sensitive touch screen feature, which allows you to easily operate your touchscreen devices while wearing the gloves. They are extremely soft inside, making it very comfortable for long distance drivers. Above all, WARMEN gloves have classic design and are perfect for fashion oriented individuals.

They come in different sizes
Designed with durable leather materials
Fits well
Stays very comfortable when wearing them for longer rides
Not ideal for snow bowling in extremely cold winter
Final Verdict: WARMEN Faux mens driving gloves is an ideal glove for those looking to protect their hands against cold weather conditions when driving or performing other outdoor activities. It’s therefore, highly recommended.
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FAQ’s About Driving Gloves

What are driving gloves for?
Driving gloves are the right wears you need during this cold winter. They provide great warmth on the hands and make you feel very comfortable when outdoors. Apart from its primary role of providing warmth to the hands, mens driving gloves can help steering wheels have longer life shell than normal. The constant friction between the bare hands and the steering wheel can easily wear off the wheel and give you blisters on your hand. This is very common for car racing drivers or those drivers frequently involved in long distance driving. But with the best leather driving gloves, your hands will be protected and your car wheel will not easily wear off from constant grip.

Do driving gloves help?
The importance of mens driving gloves will be well appreciated during extremely cold weather. Although people have different endurance levels where cold starts getting to their palms if left uncovered, the point is you will need a hand glove for one or all the reasons that are mentioned above.
Again, if your palms are always sweaty after gripping something for a long time, mens driving gloves will be ideal for you. With a driving glove, you can increase your grip power on the wheel which helps you to keep strong control of the vehicle. Mens driving gloves are definitely helpful to a lot of people considering its numerous benefits.

Why Do Driving Gloves Have Holes?
The best leather driving gloves have holes at the knuckles. The reason is to prevent users from sweating inside their palms, which might make them uncomfortable. Gloves with holes provide enough ventilation especially for everyday drivers, racing drivers, and those embarking on a long distance ride.

Best Driving Gloves Buying Guide-Things to consider

Although gloves are largely very affordable, this does not necessarily mean just getting anyone of them will be okay for you. There are certain things you need to consider before selecting the best leather driving gloves for your use. This segment of the review will provide a guideline on the most important things to consider before making that buying decision.


Size does matter when it comes to selecting the best leather driving gloves. Make sure to select your actual size without hanging. Gloves that are bigger than your hands may reduce the strength of grip you have on the steering wheels. Usually, there are three basic sizes for hand gloves: large, medium, and small. However, there are larger size hands that may require the extra-large size for gloves. So, it’s important to know your size before selecting the best leather driving gloves for your use.

If you are shopping physically, you can try them out before making your choice. However, if you are buying online, it’s better to find out your right size by measuring the length from the tip of your thumb down to the lowest knuckle of your little finger. With the length in inches you will definitely get your right glove size when ordering online.


Material of the glove is another vital consideration when selecting the right glove. The best leather driving gloves are made with pure leather because it effectively conceals the skin from extreme cold. Moreover, leather materials are more fashionable and are known to stand the rest of time. Although there are equally other fabrics that are good, leather materials give more luxurious appearance than the rest.


Whatever you are buying, you need to think seriously about the quality. Note that material and quality are two different things entirely. For example, although leather is superior to other materials, there are still poor quality leather that are far inferior to some other materials. And in most cases, the quality of a product is relatively linked to its price. The better quality leather gloves are more expensive than the less quality ones. Mens driving gloves with deerskin leather are better and stronger than other types of leather. They are very soft to the skin and extremely durable too.


When shopping for the best leather driving gloves, select the one with good flexibility since you will be doing a lot of handwork ranging from steering the car to exchanging gears. They should fit perfectly and elastic enough for you to easily move your fingers.

Screentouch feature

The best leather driving gloves are designed to help users easily operate their screentouch devices. But when selecting a glove, you need to decide whether you prefer better screentouch features or more warmth. Basically, the thicker the glove the warmer it will be, and this will significantly reduce its screentouch abilities. But lighter models are more suitable to operate touchscreen devices. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your need and what you prefer most in mens driving gloves.


Driving during the cold winter season might not be easy if you don’t have the necessary gadgets to keep you safe and warm. With mens driving gloves, you can protect yourself from the extreme harsh conditions of winter mornings. Apart from its primary role to keep your hands warm, you can be benefited from having a tight grip on your wheels in situations where you need to think fast and maneuver your car for safety.

If you are looking for the best leather driving gloves to cushion the effects of extreme cold on your hands, the above best leather driving gloves are great options for you. They are all designed with the finest quality of leather materials and are effective when keeping your fingers warm, not forgetting their impressive screeentouch abilities. They are therefore, highly recommended.