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Best Shirts and Clothing Brands for Men in 2018

Best Shirts and Clothing Brands for Men in 2018

For a lot of men, picking the right men shirts can be a troublesome and tiring issue for them. Either when they are going to meet an important client so they will need a sharp and professional outfit, or when they are attending a party so they will need a cool casual shirt for men, they will all need the pick the right shirt, blazer or jacket and trousers and so on and on.

Of course, if you are having enough time, you can pick the item one by one, but if you are a busy person, it may be the case that you simply do not have time to pick all of the shirts for men that you will need. In this case, a better and simpler solution may be just to pick the brand that you like the most since it will basically secure you that the clothing of that brand would be a nice one. Therefore, here is a list of the best clothing brands for men in 2018.

Best Clothing Brands for Men in 2018

1. Debenhams

If you are not familiar with this brand, then it is because it is actually the house of many top clothing brands for men. Debenhams is a department store that carries a lot of other brands that will offer you with the best shirts for men. Examples included Ben Sherman and Centaur.


However, when we are talking about Debenhams, we will ultimately need to look at The Collection, the brand that is developed by them solely. This brand is well known in the Big and Tall section and the fit chests sized up to 64 inches. The men shirts are neatly designed and it is also easy to wash. Also, the sleeves have some inches added on compared to the standard sizing on it so there is more flexibility for you. Apart from that, the brand also offers trousers and accessories, so you can basically find the whole set of shirts for men in this brand.

This brand offers mainly formal shirts so if you are dressing for a formal occasion, then this will be the brand for you, but not when you are finding causal shirts for men.

2. Burton

The brand of Burton is a very experienced one since it has been producing shirts for men for more than a hundred years now. Among all types of men shirts, you will find the suit made by Burton to be the best so this will again be a brand that provides you with formal wear rather than causal shirts.

Regarding the size of the shirts, the jackets of this brand will be up to 52 long while the trousers will be having a 35-inch leg and waists of up to 52 inches. Although I say that the formal wear offered by Burton is known to be the best seller of the brand, you will also be able to find some casual shirts for men, including oxford shirts as well as bomber jackets.

With a wide variety of clothing provided, I am sure that you will find Burton to be one of the best clothing brands for men.

3. Nordstorm

This is another top clothing brand for men and it has a long history. This brand focuses on providing high quality American-made shirts for men. Like many other brands, Nordstorm offers a wide range of clothing including shirts and jackets and even accessories. Therefore, if you are looking all of the garments that will make you look fashionable and stylish, then this will be the one that you should be looking into.


Another strength for this brand is that the design of the men shirts of this brand will cater for men of different size—no matter you are small or big, you will find a garment that suits you from this brand. This can be seen from the design of the shirts for men of this brand that caters for larger measurements.

Apart from that, you will not need to worry about the durability of the clothes made by Nordstrom since all of the pieces will be well made and very durable, so you will be able to save the costs for replacement of the clothes.

4. Marks & Spencer

Well, you may have already heard of the brand of Marks & Spencer, and yes, this brand will also provide you with the formal and casual shirts for men that you are looking for, and it is one of the top clothing brands for men. This is very impressive since at the same time the clothing division of Marks & Spencer has only launched in April this year.

Marks & Spencer

You will be able to find multiple types of shirts and trousers from this brand, and at the same time, a lot of sizes will be available—both small and big and tall ones. The brand is also well known for being smart and sophisticated so the design will be excellent and special.

Both formal and casual shirts for men will also be available, like jeans and chinos which go up to 35 inches inside the leg and at the same time some formal suits. Therefore, what we have here is a brand providing both variety and quality for the men shirts that you are finding for. I am sure that you will be happy with it.

5. River Island

Well, this may not be a big name as you may have never seen any signs of ‘River Islands’ when you are walking along the streets. This is not surprising since this brand is an online-only brand. Therefore, if you search the brand online then you will understand the popularity of the brand.

River Island

For the best selling men shirts and other pieces of clothing, the brand offers size adjustment services. Therefore, if after you have purchased the shirts for men and you find out that the size is a little bit off, then you will be able to revive the functionality of the clothing instead of just throwing it away.

Since it is an online store, the benefits of online shopping are totally utilized by the brand, and you will be happy to know that there are around more than 150 items available on the store, which is more than enough for you to choose from. The men shirt offered by this brand is mainly casual shirts for men.

6. Next

This brand is originally a high street retailer and it has entered into the men shirt industry and provided mainly clothing for men that are of the tall and big size. The standard range of the brand is up to 52 inches for chest and 46 inches for waist for suits, and 21 inches with flexible sleeve lengths for the formal shirts of the brand.

For formal trousers, the size is 46 inches’ waist and 37 inches for leg. For those who are under the category of causal wears, there are also a lot of sizes available, which can be up to 4 XL. Under this information, we can all conclude that the company is able to offer a wide variety of men shirts that will cater for most customers’ needs.

7. Skopes

If you are wanting a stylish and professional set of suit, then you will need to find Skopes. Where can you find them? Well, just enter a random department store in the UK and you will be able to find them. If you take a look at the men shirts and clothing provided, you will find it difficult to make a decision of which one to purchase among all of the excellent pieces of clothing provided.


Skopes menswear

The size of the clothing available will also suit a lot of us. For example, the chest size of the jackets goes up to 62 inches while the trouser waists extend to more than 62 inches and therefore if you are looking for a bigger set of suit, I am sure that this brand will be able to satisfy your needs.

As mentioned, this is a brand for formal events, including wedding, black tie event and for regular office use. In each and every of the situation, you will find it easy and happy that Skopes, as one of the best clothing brands for men, will be able to provide you with the right shirts for men.

8. Levi’s

I am extremely sure that you have already heard of this brand, and yes, this is a brand that will provide you with fashionable and stylish choices for casual shirts for men.


What you may be interested to know is that among other brands here, the price for this brand can be relatively cheap (although not very very cheap). For example, the Levi’s 541 Athletic Fit Stretch Jeans only costs you 90 Britain pounds, while for other brand, it will for sure be a three-digit number considering the price.

Different sizes of the causal shirts for men are also provided. For example, the waist sizes begin at 32 inch and it can go up to 50 inches. On the other hand, the range for inside legs is 30 inches to 38 inches. So, the difference of body sizes will not be an obstacle for you to purchase the men shirts and other clothing from Levi’s.

As one of the top clothing brands for men in the world, what you purchase from the brand will be durable, and you do not need to worry about it.

9. Jacamo

Well, when we are talking about this brand, maybe you will immediately think that this is the brand for the big and tall people. This is indeed what the brand is famous as being one of the best clothing brands for men.


The selection offered by this brand covered a lot of types and pieces of garment from the spectrum of both formal mens shirts as well as casual shirts for men. For example, you will be able to find suit and also footwear and even sportswear and accessories from this brand. Therefore, you can actually rely on this brand for all of the outfits that you will need.

The size of the shirts and tops that are offered by this brand go up to 6XL, meaning that body size will not be an issue for almost all of the men. The flexibility of sizes of the clothes can also be seen in other types of clothing, like the jeans and trousers. The shirts for men of this brand is pretty durable and the design is also regarded to be nice by a lot of customers.

10. Asos

Asos is well known as one of the leading high street firms and it has an impressive selection of petite type clothing. One of the special focuses and spotlight of the clothes offered by Asos is the bomber jacket, which will be one of the nicest type of clothing in the season of Autumn, satisfying the needs for a stylish outfit as well as a need for keeping warm.

For tall guys, the brand has especially designed some of the men shirts for them so that they will not be troubled by their tall body size when they are choosing the right shirts for men for them. The price is also reasonable for this brand, especially for the casual wear for men that the brand is offering.

In general, you will be delighted by the wide variety of men shirts that are offered bt the brand as well as the high quality of the brand.

11. T for Tall by Ted Baker

As shown from the name, this is also a brand specially designed for those who are tall, as T for tall clearly states the business proposition for the brand. The brand identifies those men who are between 6ft 3 in and 6ft 6in tall as being the most difficult to find a proper men shirt and therefore they aim at offering a solution for them by providing a wide selection of men shirts for them.


The clothing of the brand is designed with the help of a former champion swimmer who is within the target range of the body height. Regarding the styles of the shirts provided by the brand, I will say that it is also in the middle of being totally formal but not some totally causal shirts for men. Therefore, if you are looking for an outfit for attending semi-formal occasions, then this will be the brand for you.

The reason this is known as one of the top clothing brands for men is due to the nice design as well as high level of durability of the clothing brand that is consistent throughout the years.

12. Second/Layer

This is a brand founded by Anthony Franco together with his business partners in the USA in 2012. Within 5 years’ time, the brand has already gained a lot of recognition as one of the top clothing brands for men. The success of the brand is clearly shown by the fact that it is nominated for the well regarded International Woolmark Prize in the year of 2012.


What is so special about the brand? Well, the designers of the brand start from very simple and basic pieces of clothing, and they attempted and succeeded in making them very interesting. Examples include a tree with a neck that is ribbed and pinstriped trousers that go perfectly with a broken-in Chucks. The design differs from style to style, so, therefore, this is a brand for you to wear on different days and even every day.

Since the brand is still quite new, the prize of the brand will not be too expensive, and therefore from the perspective of the prize, this is also one of the best clothing brands for men in 2018.

13. Prada

You may think that Prada is a brand for female items, but in fact it is also one of the most well-recognized brands providing high-quality men shirts and another type of clothing for men.


One thing about Prada that is good is that the quality of the brand as well as the design of all of the clothes have been excellent and it is consistent throughout the years. For a lot of fans, the clothes designed by the brand is on the best-of list for literally every single year. Talking about the design of the brand, you will also be happy to know that the designer thinks about the state of the world and she will apply those world events into the design, and therefore every piece of garments designed by Prada has a story behind it.

Prada mainly focuses on providing causal shirts for men, and therefore if you are looking for something to wear to a party, or to a normal social gathering, then this will be the brand for you.

14. John Elliott

This top clothing brands for men is another one that is rather new, as the brand is only established in 2012. The brand of men shirts is regarded to be on the Best Style Brands list as you will look extremely fashionable and chic if you are wearing a piece of clothing from this brand. On top of that, the clothing of this brand is very durable so you will not need to worry about the replacement issues of this brand.

John Elliott

In terms of the variety of the brand, you will be able to find the perfect sweats, hoodies, and even tees that are flexible in terms of the design. After all, John Elliott is a brand that will provide you with the best casual shirts for men and if you are looking for a brand that will provide you the best normal wear or party wear, then this will be the one.

The brand provides most expensive and cheap item of clothing’s so different needs from the customers will be catered and satisfied. The expensive ones may cost as much as $1800 for a leather.

15. Adidas

You may have heard of this name but in a different context—adidas is the most famous, arguably, brand for sports wears and shoes. But in fact, it is also one of the best clothing brands for men. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest one in the whole world. The experience and expertise of the company will extend to the industry of providing men outfits and shirts for men.


After all, when you are worrying about what to wear when you need to look sporty—not necessarily when you are going to enjoy some sports, you will not only worry about the shoes part, and the shirt and pants part will also be relevant. Therefore, if you take a look at the catalog of Adidas, you will be able to find everything you need now.

Still, the main theme of Adidas is being sporty, and therefore please expect only to find casual shirts for men from this brand, and any formal suits and shirts will not be available. However, there will already be a lot of designs and types of men wear for you to choose from. The price, as well as durability, is also nice—well, we are talking about Adidas, and you are not supposed to worry about these issues.


There are still a lot of top clothing brands for men in the market, and this clearly reflects that fact that for a lot of men, what clothes to wear is an important decision of the day that they will need to make. Design, fashion, durability, as well as price, are all of the factors that you will need to decide on when you are picking the brand that you will choose.

However, I am sure that after reading this list on the best clothing brand for men, you will have a solid idea as to the pros and cons of each of the brand.

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