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Best Tie Rack For 2018 – Review with Complete Buying Guide

Best Tie Rack For 2018 – Review with Complete Buying Guide

Tie racks are very important bedroom gadgets that help you keep your closet organized and tidy. If you display your ties and accessories on the rack, it makes things easier for you when browsing through your collections to find the ideal one for your outfit. It can also make a huge difference and help you save a lot of space in the closet.

That’s why it’s vital to select the ideal one for your needs. With a plethora of options available in the market, someone can get stuck and indecisive when selecting a tie rack. If you are looking for the best tie rack to help you keep your ties and accessories in order, we have reviewed the top ten here. Read on to find out which one will be the perfect option for your closet.

Top 10 Tie Rack Comparison

Best Tie Rack Review:

1. IPOW Black Tie Organizer Hanger

best tie rack

IPOW is a renowned brand with properly made mens tie racks at very affordable rice. The black tie has a simple design but when it is about looks, this tie perfectly complete its job. This 360 degree rotating tie hanger has strong clips to prevent slipping of your ties to the floor.

It has the capacity to hold about 20 ties securely which tidies up your closet and saves a lot of space for you. IPOW is not just a tie rack but also an organizer for men who prefer keeping their closet very tidy. The design of IPOW tie organizer will help you easily browse through your tie collections and select the most ideal one for your attire. All ties are visible for you to take a quick look and make your choice.

Apart from ties, you can also use it to store your belts and scarps to conserve space in your closet. Moreover, there is no assembly needed to use this wonderful piece of gadget for the closet.

Constructed with lightweight material
Perfect at conserving space in the closet
All ties stored on the men's tie rack are visible for quick selection
No assembly needed before use
Holds far less ties than some other models
Final Verdict: IPOW mens tie rack is certainly a great bargain at
     its price if you look at its durable construction and easy to use features.
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2. IPOW Updated Twirl Tie Rack

Here is another great mens tie rack from the IPOW brand. It comes with similar features as its brother above but with extra space to hang more ties. The rack also has larger hooks to accommodate some of your smaller accessories like belts, ties, and scarps.

It comes with 2 packs and 360 degree spinning features to help you easily make your choice when in a hurry. With the anti-slip design of this mens tie organizer, you won’t have to worry about slips because it effectively holds your ties in place.

Overall, IPOW Twirl mens tie rack is an upgraded version of the previous IPOw model for those who want better features and more space to keep their accessories.

Comes with extra storage space to accommodate more accessories
Fits properly over closet rod
Thin construction and more sturdy design
Designed with 360 degrees rotating system for easy view
A bit more complex and requires installation
Hooks are unsuitable for hanging belts
Final Verdict: This improved IPOW mens tie rack is a classic tie hanger for men who want to
     keep their closet very tidy. Although it requires installation, anyone can actually set it up using the manual.
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3. Men’s Wall Belt/Over the Door Tie Valet Organizer

You may not see many mens tie racks with a lot of good features as this model. Over the Door hanger is one of the best tie racks in the market not just because they are simple to use but very durable as well. This tie holder has versatile use as you can use it to display your ties, hats, keys, belts, and other accessories.

Its versatile use is made possible because of the different compartments it has for different items. When you buy this mens tie rack, you’re not only getting a tie rack but also a properly designed hanger to help you see all your accessories all at once.

It’s designed with heavy duty powder-coated steel for durability. Over the door tie hanger is truly a special kit any man would need to keep his accessories in order.

Sturdy design with a long lifespan
Versatile use on different types of accessories
Keeps your ties properly in place and well visible
Very easy to use
It’s more expensive than some other models
Final Verdict: Over the door mens tie rack is a premium quality tie hanger for those
      looking for the best tie rack to display their accessories. Although it’s more expensive, its benefits
     far outweigh the price you pay.
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4. Hangerworld Premium Wooden Tie Rack

With Hangerworld mens tie rack, you have several spaces to keep up to 24 belts and ties. This solidly designed product is made with superior quality hardwood, helping you easily organize your closet. Moreover, it’s quite easy to browse through your collections and select the right one for you.

All belts and ties are not hidden, which is necessary to help you make quick decisions if you are in a hurry. For the classy individuals who are fashion oriented, they will surely love the stylish design of this tie holder.

Hangerworld comes with a swivel hook grip to keep your accessories properly in place. With this feature, you won’t be worried because your ties will not slip off from their hanging spots. Also, it doesn’t cost a fortune to own this wonderful piece of wardrobe gadget.

Can hold ties, belts, as well as scarves
Comes with enough spaces to keep all your accessories
Designed with swivel hooks to keep your ties properly without slips
It’s made from high quality hardwood for durability
It takes up more space in the closet than other
     mens tie racks.
Final Verdict: Hangerworld is a convenient and durable wooden tie rack for men who would
     need more hanging options for their numerous ties and clothing accessories.
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5. Primode Motorized Tie Rack

Primode has gone a step further by adding more spark and flare to the mens tie racks. This innovative product has a motorized system that actually operates with batteries to keep things a bit simpler for users. It also comes with LED light to help you easily skim through your collections and select the right one in dark condition.

Primode mens tie rack is an excellent gift item because of its superior packaging. You don’t have to move around when trying to select the right mens tie for your need. Just make use of the button and your tie rack will rotate to the degree you desire. Those who are looking for the best tie racks will definitely love the superior and innovative features of this model.

The firm provides money back guarantee
Electronically rotates for clearer view and ease of use
Quite easy to install
Made with multi-directional carousel which displays more than 70 ties
Very versatile design for different accessories
A bit more expensive than other models
Final Verdict: Primode is a well made mens tie rack for those who need enough space to display
      their different accessories. It’s durable enough to last for a long time.
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6. Tenby Living Black Tie Rack

Tenby Living mens tie rack is one of the most compact and portable tie racks in the market. Its simplistic design makes it a good choice for anyone looking for a very simple tie holder that will not clog much space in the closet. This mens tie rack is very affordable and can securely hold about 20 ties.

The strong clip prevents any slipping of ties on the floor. Also, it’s well designed to easily rotate and allow you quickly select the right tie from the numerous options you have. Tenby Living is designed with high quality plastic that can stand the test of time, allowing you have the full benefits it provides.

Moreover, it’s very compact in design, which helps you retain enough space for other things in your closet. If you are looking for a very affordable tie rack with all the features to firmly hold your ties in place, they don’t come better than this model.

Helps you keep your closet well organized
Portable and compact to allow more space in your closet
Comes with strong clips to prevent ties from slipping
360 degree rotation for better and clearer view
Only capable of holding 20 ties and accessories
Final Verdict: There are very few mens tie racks in the market that can be compared
     to this model in terms of simplicity of design and durability. It’s definitely a great choice for
     keeping decent amount of ties in your closet.
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7. ClosetMaid 8051 Tie and Belt Rack

Although relatively new in the market, ClosetMaid is up there as one of the best tie racks for classy individual. It’s properly designed and has enough hooks to hang several ties, belts, and scarves. The rubber coated tips makes it lightweight and durable as well.

One of the most important things to consider when selecting the best tie rack is the ability to easily see through your collections and quickly select the right one for your attire.

Thankfully, the Closetmaid mens tie rack is rated very high in this area. It helps you perfectly store, organize, and select your ties with ease. Installation is also very easy as it can be installed either on the door or wall to ensure organized storage.

Sturdy and lightweight design with rubber coated tips
Manual provided for easy installation
Easy door or wall mounted tie rack
Comes with hooks used in organizing belts, ties and their accessories
Accommodates a lot of clothing accessories
Inadequate space between the hanging arms of the tie
Final Verdict: Closetmaid is designed for those looking for a very affordable mens tie rack
     with all the features to comfortably store their ties and other accessories.
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8. Woodlore Cedar Tie Rack

In the little space of time Woodlore has been introduced into the market, it has emerged as one of the best tie racks in the market today. The reason for their popularity is connected to the rich design quality of the product. The wooden frame is made of cedar, and we will all agree that cedar is a premium material used in manufacturing high quality home gadgets.

But the main scoring point of this mens tie rack is not really the quality of material used for its design, but its simplicity and ease of use. The metal hooks are spacious enough to help you properly store your ties without worrying about folding. With a lot of positive customer reviews and high ratings from Amazon users, it’s proper to say Woodlore is highly rated in the world of tie racks.

High quality design
Metal hooks are spacious enough to keep your accessories
Versatile use
Wall mounted tie rack for simple reach
Price is a bit on the high side
Final Verdict: Woodlore is a high quality wooden tie rack ideal for those looking for
     premium and spacious mens tie racks to help them properly store their accessories.
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9. Bondream 3 PCS Cross X Tie Rack

Bondream is another 360 degree rotational mens tie rack that helps you easily view all your collections in a short while. This feature will be needed if you are in a hurry to go out and want to quickly browse through your tie collections to select the right one.

It’s not only meant to keep your ties, you can store your belts, scarves, and other accessories on the spacious hanger. One special feature of this mens tie rack its X shape design, enabling you hang your ties in two different positions. This helps you easily display and organize your accessories in a very tidy order.

Moreover, they are very easy to use and installation using a manual is not really necessary before you start storing your stuffs. Just nail the mens tie rack to the wall and you are set to enjoy its benefits.

It’s quite affordable compared to other products
Comes with little securing clips on the rod to effectively hold your ties
Durable construction
It has enough hooks to hold more than 20 ties
They tend to take up more space in the closet compared
     to other products
Final Verdict: Bondream is certainly one of the best tie racks in the industry today,
     considering its strong design, ease of use, and durability.
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10. InterDesign Tie and Accessory Rack

Interdesign mens tie rack is a very simple product you can use to display your ties without taking up much space in your closet. It’s designed by a renowned brand that has been in the industry for decades now. Interdesign rack is one of the company’s innovative household gadgets.

This mens tie rack keeps your closet well organized and neat with 14 different hooks for your ties and other accessories. It doesn’t have any complicated design and tightly holds your accessories.

However, the tie’s only 14 hooks make it too small for people with a lot more accessories to display. If you are just looking for a simple but well designed mens tie rack to keep your little collection of ties, Interdesign might work well for you.

Keeps accessories well placed and organized
Made with durable materials
Very compact and doesn’t take up much space
Tightly holds on accessories to prevent slipping
Smaller spaces in between the hooks
Can only hold moderate number of accessories
Final Verdict: Interdesign is a compact sized mens tie rack specifically made for individuals
     who want simple but durable hangers to help them properly store their ties
     and other accessories.
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FAQ’s About Tie Rack

Is tie rack necessary for men?

Just as you love keeping your sitting room properly arranged, your bedroom and closet should also receive equal attention. Ties and belts are small pieces of attires but they can litter everywhere in your closet if they don’t have their own resting place. Also, if there is no tie rack available, how will it be easy to look through all your accessories when selecting the right tie? In essence, one of the most important reasons to have mens tie rack is to give you the freedom and ease when making your choice from the several tie collections you have. That’s why it’s important to have a tie rack to display and store them.

Moreover, a tie rack can help keep your numerous ties straightened out and very neat, giving you the piece of mind to avoid frequently worrying about maintaining them. Since most of the best tie racks rotate 360 degrees, you can easily browse through the collection and quickly make your decision. So, mens tie rack is very necessary.

Why are tie racks so important these days?

The world has transformed from their previous status quo to a world where simplicity is highly treasured. People buy household gadgets to help them do things more efficiently. If you are the classic type of guy and very fashion oriented, you would love to have all your stuffs properly arranged and kept where they are supposed to be.

Mens tie racks can greatly assist you conserve space in your closet, helping you effectively separate your clothes from accessories. People tend to live more classy lives and a tie rack is an excellent gadget to have in your closet to help that cause. Apart from this reason, tie racks generally make closets look tidier – and who wouldn’t want to have his clothing accessories properly displayed in a particular section where they can easily find them?

Which is the best tie rack?

The best tie racks are usually designed with the best standing and hooking materials. And all the 10 mens tie racks reviewed above are well designed with the best quality materials. But it seems the IPOW (number one and two above) and Woodlore Cedar (number 8) are currently topping the charts in terms of material quality and durability. However, you may have your own choice based on your preference.

For instance, IPOW Black may not be your preferred choice if you have numerous ties and accessories because it only has space for 20 items. In that case, Primode Motorized Tie Rack, with space for more than 70 items, will be more ideal for you. The high price of woodlore may also discourage you and lead you to a more affordable option. The unique feature of one mens tie rack might make the difference for you and may turn off another individual. But quite frankly, the best tie racks all share similar features-which are durability, proper design, and simplicity.

Buying Guide for Tie Rack

Already in the internet it is enough mentioned about the benefits of mens tie rack. However, what is still not clear to people is which rack is more ideal for them and how to identify the best tie rack for their need. The buying guide below will help you select the right mens tie rack you love.

Consider the versatility

Mens tie racks are primarily designed to help users properly keep their ties in place and store them well. But the best tie racks these days do much more than that. They are designed to provide storage space for ties, belts, and scarves. Some even use tie racks to display their necklaces and other accessories. If you intend using the tie hanger for more than just ties, it’s important to select the best tie rack with a versatile feature. This will help you keep your stuffs in order.

Compact vs more storage space

There are different types and sizes of mens tie racks. The model you select will depend on which size is more ideal for you. For instance, if you have little closet space and don’t have many accessories to display, a compact sized mens tie rack with moderate number of hooks should serve well for you. On the other hand, if you’re fashion oriented and have lots of ties, belts, and scarves, a rack with more hanging spaces will be the right choice for you. So, the choice will depend on you which type will be more ideal for your accessories.


For most items on sale, the highest quality ones tend to be more expensive than others. This is also true with mens tie racks. But in this case, the quality is in terms of ease of use, durability, and hooking ability. When considering the price of a tie hanger, you need to look at the features too and be sure it has all you need. As long as it has the basic features you need, the price should come secondary.

Ease of use

The best tie racks have 360 degree rotating ability, allowing you to easily view all your accessories and select the best one for your attire. Some even come with electrically operated motorized rotating system to make things easier for you. This is a good feature if you have numerous ties and accessories. If you wouldn’t want to spend time going through your wealth of collections on a Monday morning to find the perfect fit, having a tie rack that rotates will be great for you. Making your choice will now be easier for you also helps you in saving your precious time when getting ready for work.


The durability of mens tie rack is also closely linked with the quality of materials. When buying a rack, pay particular attention to the type of material used in the design. Plastic is not really the best material for mens tie rack. The best tie racks are designed with good quality wood, especially cedar, although these may be more expensive than other products. But seriously, it’s better to spend money and get the best tie rack and enjoy the benefits for a long time.


Tie racks are increasingly gaining popularity as one of the most important gadgets to have in the closet. They are inexpensive, portable, and can help you conserve a lot of space in your closet. The above are the best tie racks in the market today as they are the preferred choice for most people. They all have high user ratings on Amazon and other topnotch retail websites. If you are about making that decision to get a tie rack for your accessories, be sure to look at these options and select the right one for your closet.