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best wedge sneakers for men

best wedge sneakers for men

Adidas Originals CNTR Weld Leather 84-Lab adidas-originals-cntr-weld-leather-84-lab
Do you want sleek, technical  best wedge sneakers for men  or earthy, suede runners? I hope the answer is both, because it’s exactly this unique juxtaposition that make these adidas so damn cool.
Adidas Sambasamba
Created over sixty years ago, they were made as a football training shoe with a gum outsole to set it apart from other trainers.

The Samba’s simple design and slim lines make it the perfect  best wedge sneakers for men  for pretty much every occasion – whether paired with jeans and a t-shirt or chinos and a blazer.

I’m not going to lie, I already owned these before I started this journey because SAMBAS WILL NEVER DIE, PEOPLE!
Adidas Originals ZX700Adidas Originals ZX700
The Sports luxe influences which rose to prominence in 2012 are still dominating men’s casual wear – everything from outerwear to footwear and all apparel in between.

I’m a particular fan of this trend because whilst it is highly fashionable at the moment, it is also comfortable, practical and durable. Looking good is a necessity but being relaxed and confident whilst we do so is a luxury we aren’t always granted when it comes to fashion.

The ZX700 is Adidas Originals’ contender for running trainer of the season; it is honestly one of the best examples I’ve seen this year. The rounded shape isn’t overly chunky and the use of texture – through a superb mix of leather, suede, air holes and mesh patterning, along with panel layering – provides depth and detail that you don’t often find on other models.

The gum sole is a perfect colour match with the dark navy upper but my favourite piece of detailing has to be that mesh midsole – a unique pattern that really stands out from an otherwise subtle pair of kicks.

I wonder if Adidas is going to let Jeremy Scott get his colourful little mitts on this shape? I truly hope not!

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