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Wallet – Belts

Best Wallets For Men

best wallets for men

Turn In Yоur Bеаt-Uр Wallet For One Of Thеѕе Stylish Findѕ Thе wallet is thе dudе рurѕе. Wе dоn’t carry bags, wе juѕt fоld аll оur belongings intо a 3” x 4” rесtаnglе then sit оn it аll dау. But thаt doesn’t mеаn уоu have to go with ѕоmеthing boring. Lose thе velcro jawns аnd thе boring-ass tan trifоld уоur ...

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6 Wallets That Earn Big on Style


You’ve learned to never be caught without cash. The next lesson here? Never be caught with a boring wallet, either. How you carry your money says a lot about what you value (which is why, at some point, most guys outgrow their beat-up Velcro trifolds). Elevate your game with a wallet that’s practical, stylish and built so well, it can ...

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You spend a lot of time and money picking out the right trousers, so why not take the same time and care over the accessory you slip into their back pocket every single day? If your wallet’s looking battered and fit-to-burst, it’s high time to upgrade. From minimalist billfolds to designer card holders, here’s our edit of the best wallets ...

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Why You Need a Slim Wallet, and Which One to Buy


How often do you carry a wallet? What do you keep in it? Of everything you keep in your wallet, what do you use every day? Is your wallet in your pocket right now? Can you feel it wedged between you and your seat? Most men carry their wallets all day, every day. And most men carry too much wallet. ...

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Casual Belt Styles – How To Wear Them And Where To Buy

You’re probably already familiar with the basic dress options for a man’s belt: black leather, brown leather, or suspenders/braces. These almost all come with a square “tongue” buckle on one end and a single row of punched holes on the other. In dress belts, the buckle is kept small and unobtrusive: But what about a man’s casual wardrobe? Once you’re ...

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Wallets That Fit In The Front Pocket


A man’s wallet. It’s an essential men’s accessory that we’ve carried since we were boys. Over the centuries, men have not strayed far from their idea of how a wallet should look and feel. We prefer the simple and practical designs with quality leather work. We also value durability, as we want our billfold to last for years. Last – but not least ...

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Wallet – An important part of men

mens wallet

Men’s styles have been changed with the time and along these lines men receive their suitable one. Yet, it’s undeniable that today’s men get an assortment of decisions that they can choose any from them. Wallet is such a little yet vital part of men’s style. It may express you superior to anything you consider it. It will demolish your ...

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Men’s attraction to the belts

attractive belt, leather belt, mens fashionable belt, mens fasshion 2015

Men’s fashion is incomplete without a belt. Do you agree? Each and every man will do that because they are they feel it in their heart. Belt is such a small but important part for men’s style. A belt expresses manhood beyond description though i don’t know why yet. But it does. Men have this with all kinds of their ...

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Mens Wallet in 2015

ash color stylish wallet 2015

Men’s styles have been changed with the era and thus men adopt their suitable one. But it’s obvious that today’s men get a variety of choices that they can select any from them. Wallet is such a small but important part of men’s fashion. It may express you better than you think about it. It will ruin your image if ...

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