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Category: Party Fashion

Razor Types Pros & Cons

The Stoic philosopher Epictetus famously stated that he would rather embrace death than shave his beard.Wow. That’s taking it to an extreme! A completely shaven face is indicative of good grooming habits and a professional attitude. My first experience shaving was at the age of fifteen. Back then...

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Custom Suit Review

Have you thought about buying a custom suit online? It can be scary to purchase an expensive new suit that you don’t even get to try on before buying. To make things worse, there are so many suit makers to choose from. You don’t want to waste your money, but you need a suit that fits. That’s why I...

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The Basic Rules Of Suit Fit

The margin for error when it comes to wearing a well-fitting suit is long and wide, especially if the one you’ve been pulling out for weddings, interviews and every office party in between is either too long or too wide. Few of us are blessed with the model build to be able to wear an off-the-peg...

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9 Style Tips For Young Men

Too many young men are starting their professional lives without a clue as to how to dress. This needs to change. Young men are the future leaders of society, and dressing sharp is the first step towards becoming a professional. Let me clear. Clothing does not make the man……however. The right...

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Cocktail costume for men

Regularly you get welcome card that says, “Mixed drink Attire”. It could be a gathering for any event including weddings, commemorations, Christmas gathering, brandishing occasions, mixed drink gatherings and formal birthday social events. Men’s design 2015 incorporates a few...

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Theme party attire for men

What mens fashion recommends for clothing when you get an invitation of a theme party without any specific dress code? Actually I won’t say that it’s confusing. Because just think it, you have the freedom of wearing your favorite one and show your own signature style to all. Yes, that’s really a...

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Casino style for men

Men’s design makes distinction in every circle of life even every event gentlemen go to. Men have beenextremely picky step by step since men’s design pattern is changing with the time. Style architects putting their innovativeness in men’s styles to enhance them. Thus men are...

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Mens Casino Style

Mens fashion makes difference in every sphere of life even every occasion guys attend. Men have been very choosy day by day since mens fashion trend is changing with the time. Fashion designers putting their creativity in mens styles to improve them. And so men are going with it. Mens fashion has...

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