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THIS NEW YORKER IS ADMIRED FOR HIS STYLE AND ELEGANT WAY OF DRESSING New Yorker Angel Ramos is often defined as an admired figure when it comes to style and elegant dressing. He has a distinct capability to execute his unique flair as though he hasn’t given it a second thought. The former estate...

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Style Profile: Jon Hamm

While you’ll probably know him best as the man who’s nonchalantly wooed women the world over with his brooding, Golden Globe-winning performance as Don Draper in AMC’s Mad Men, Jon Hamm has recently knocked the bottom out of claims that he’s a mere one trick pony. For proof, just take a glance at...

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7 Classic Short Hairstyles & Cuts

How to get the short haircut you want. Leonardo Dicaprio We spoke to the stylist for our shoot with Leonardo Dicaprio, Natalia Bruschi, to get the scoop on how to achieve his signature brand of graceful messiness. “On his wet hair, I applied Oribe Gel Serum and then combed it through into a...

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Bradley Cooper wasn’t always cool. Starting out as an extra in the tv series Alias, before minor roles in Wedding Crashers and Yes Man, the Philadelphia-born Cooper fell a little short in the opening years of his acting career. And so did his style: shiny, polyester suits, chunky, square-toe dress...

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The Best-Dressed Menswear Designers

Considering their day job is to make guys look dope, it’s peculiar how many menswear designers default to a jeans and sweats uniform that seems more suited to reinvigorating the garage than the zeitgeist. The kind assumption tenders that when you’re helming a label, creativity you’d exert on your...

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