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Category: Hair Style

Spiky Hairstyles For Men

When it comes to style, for men who abandoned their hairstyles usually. Is usually just about the clothes, accessories and of course all about the shoes. Therefore, the spiky hairstyles for men have become so popular because they are easy to reach. If you are a man, you have at one time in his...

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4 Men’s Hair Quirks – And How To Fix Them

Your imрессаblе lауеring gаmе iѕ for nаught if уоur hаir wоn’t bеhаvе. But wаndеring intо Suреrсutѕ with a tеаr-оut оf Dаvid Bесkhаm wоn’t fix a dоublе сrоwn that leaves you lооking likе уоu ѕtуlеd уоur hаir by ѕtiсking уоur finger in a ѕосkеt. But dерlоу the right tооlѕ аnd уоu can whip еvеn thе...

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4 Key Men’s Hair Trends For Spring/Summer 2016

Fоr all оur tаlk аbоut smart layering аnd thе ѕwеаt-ѕtоррing virtuеѕ of breathable fаbriсѕ, sometimes it’ѕ juѕt tоо dаmn hot fоr сlоthеѕ. Home оr аwау, ѕummеr’ѕ bоund to bring dауѕ so ѕwеltеring thаt wеаring anything mоrе thаn a раir оf ѕwim shorts iѕ suffocating. Whiсh is whу your hаir nееdѕ tо...

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8 Medium Length Hairstyles For Men

Most men’s haircuts are a variation of short back and sides, longer on top. These cool haircuts feature medium length hair on top for a wide range of cuts and styles. We’ve got volume, texture, waves and more. Check out these pictures for a few of the possibilities when it comes to medium length...

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Hair Types for Men: Straight, Wavy, Coiled And Kinky

When it comes to improving your hair, one of the most important elements is knowing your hair type; essentially and as per my bestselling book, The Men’s Hair Book, your hair type will determine your specific hair grooming and hair care, with these two being the 2 so-important aspects of your hair...

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Best Hairstyle for Thinning Hair

So now you know what causes thinning hair but what what to do about it? Start with a great haircut. We’re not talking about comb overs here though! The best option is a short to medium length hairstyle. Your stylist should use scissors to customize your cut for your hair and head shape. At this...

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Men can have four hair types

If you have been reading Manly Curls for some time or if you have read any of my two bestselling books, The Men’s Hair Book or The Curly Hair Book, you will know by now that I am big on profiling hair. I believe that, to have an “awesome mane” (the cheesy name I use in my books to describe...

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Here we give the low-down on the forthcoming season’s hair trends and how to achieve them, so you’ll spend less time in front of the mirror. TEXTURE A key look this season is experimented texture to create a rebellious streak for a masculine yet sophisticated look. Think polished yet understated....

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