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Different Ways Of Tying A Tie

Different Ways Of Tying A Tie

If you are a fashion lover and wanna try different ways of tying a tie then let me assure you that you have come to that right place. So let’s get started.


Pratt knot

The Pratt knot is well suited for wider neckties made from lighter fabrics. It is not as wide of a tie as the windsor knot, but definitely has some show to it. Here are the steps on tying it.
1. This knot starts with the tie inside out. The wide end will be on the left extending down just below your belly button.
2. Take the wide end over and under the narrow end, and push it through the top of the loop you just created back over to the right side. Tighten the loop down.
3. Then, take the wide end over to the left across the top of the tie, keeping it loose. Pull the wide end under and through the loop of the tie, and then down and through the loose loop you created.
4. Tighten the knot down gently and pull it up to your neck.

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Personally, Ive never liked this knot. It comes out very asymmetrical. However, when you tighten it to your neck, it does look good on men with shorter necks. That asymmetrical affect makes your neck seem a bit longer, and therefore for that reason and to cover all the standard knots, Im including a how-to.
1. With the wide end of the tie on your left, move the wide end over the narrow end of the tie and back around to where it started, keeping it tight.
2. Again bring the wide end of the tie over the narrow end, a little looser this time, and under and through the loop created in the first step.
3. Bring the wide end of the tie down through the loose loop you create in the previous step. The initial loop should be kept tight with your thumb and index finger.
4. Pull down the tie and tighten down the knot best you can with one hand. a Semi-tight knot is all you should need to hold it in place, and you can move your thumb and index finger holding the initial knot to help tighten down further from there.



My favorite knot because of the look, the half-windsor is a classic and modest knot. If you tie this knot right, it should come out looking like a triangle, making the overall look of your tie very symmetric. This knot has personally always been a very crisp knot for me, and I tie it tight and small to get it to look its best.
Here are the steps to tying this knot:
1. line up the wide end of your tie on the left side of your body, extending down to just below your belly button. Lengths are always tricky and depend on how tight your knot is, so be prepared to adjust for yourself. Typically the end of the tie should set right at your belt.
2. Cross the wide end of the tie over top of the narrow end and around the back so its wrapped around back to the side you started on.
3. Bring the wide end up and through the loop that was created in the previous step, back down to the same position it started in.
4. Bring the wide end over the narrow side again, and then up through the loop. Keep the wide end of the tie that went over the narrow end a little loose, as youll need to stick the tie into it.
5. After bring the tie up through the loop in the last step (from back to front, remember), bring the tie down through the loop created between the wide end and the narrow end (this should be a loose loop that was just created in the previous step).
6. The most important part is now. You have a bunch of pieces of tie together, all a little more loose than you want. As youre bring the tie through the loop, make sure its even. With both hands, tighten down the knot nice and tight, being extra careful to keep both sides even and crisp. Dont completely tighten it down yet.
7. You should now be able to hold the narrow end and slide the knot up to your neckline, keeping it close but not letting it choke you. Take an extra minute to tighten down the knot now that its up near your neck, and then readjust.

That’s it! You should have a (nice) knot for any occasion.

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