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Fashionable Denim Shirts | Casual Fashion

Fashionable Denim Shirts | Casual Fashion

There was a time when denim shirts were reserved solely for unfashionable dads, but we’re pleased to announce that that time has passed. Now fashionable dads can don the denim shirt, and so can you. Dress it up, dress it down, layer it, leave it open.…the possibilities are practically endless, and you can rock them all just like these awesome dudes below.

Denim Shirt Style #1 – The Beckham Half Tuck Special

I know what you’re thinking: David Beckham could wear literally anything, including your ancient grandmother’s floral housedress, and still look awesome doing it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take a few pointers from the master. Beckham’s airport-chic look manages to achieve the coveted “messy and undone, but still put-together” status with rolled sleeves, a partial tuck, and a whole lot of unbuttoned buttons. Accessories are also key: note the beanie, shades, and arm bling.

Denim Shirt Style #2 – The Disick Open For Business Super Casual Vibe

The words “super casual” and “Scott Disick” don’t usually go together, but since Kanye West has linked up with the Kardashian clan Lord Disick has been ditching the three-piece suits for more relaxed togs. We’re digging this off-duty look: a simple t-shirt, cool kicks, dark denim on the bottom, and layered-and-left-open light denim on the top. Mixing denim isn’t for amateurs, but this is what it looks like when it’s done right.

Denim Shirt Style #3 – The Suit-up Combination

If you really want to push the envelope, consider incorporating denim into your formal attire. We’re not saying you should wear a denim suit to your best friend’s wedding (if it didn’t work for Justin Timberlake, it definitely isn’t going to work for you), but if you’re feeling ballsy why not wear your denim shirt with a suit jacket and a tie? Just make sure it’s a slim-fit shirt (with cutaway collar), so it isn’t bulky under the jacket.

Denim Shirt Style #4 – The Beach Casual Cool Variation

Few can do laidback surfer style like Zac Efron. Take a leaf out of his book by styling your denim shirt for the beach. Choose a lightweight denim that won’t leave you sweating in the seaside heat and match it with your favorite pair of khaki shorts. Add sandals, Converse, or your Havaianas, and finish off the look with a killer pair of aviators.

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