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How to Find the Best Men’s Wedding Suits — That You Can Wear Again and Again

How to Find the Best Men’s Wedding Suits — That You Can Wear Again and Again

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It’s not just about the bride — it’s the groom’s day, too. So just because the spotlight tends to stay longer on your ravishing soon-to-be wife, does not mean you should shrink from the focus of this glorious day and wear any old thing you find.

When you get really stylish and dressed up for your wedding, you’ll not only feel good (and therefore, less nervous), but also, your dashing wedding suit should get your bride in the best mood for your wedding night.

So what do you need to do to find the perfect suit from an array of men’s wedding suits? Consider the following tips:

Invest in one.

You might think it’s cheaper to rent a wedding suit but you are not likely to find the right fit, which means you might tug and pull or squirm under it. The uncomfortable shifts might make you appear as though you were having seconds thoughts about the wedding.

Also, this is your wedding, not your prom night. Buy one instead of renting a suit.

Spend on tailoring.

Buying off-the-rack is fine, except when you don’t find the perfect fit. When you find the ideal suit off-the-rack, take it to a tailor to get it fitted. A proper tailor will have your wedding suit measured to your specific body. And a tailored suit will make you look like a million bucks for your wedding day — like James Bond.

Look for luxurious details.

Right. You want to get a wedding suit that you can actually wear again — not to your second wedding, hopefully. So you’ll want it to have some versatility, which means no tux.

But you also don’t want to look like you’re going to a boardroom meeting on your wedding day. So look for luxe details like a satin or grosgrain finish on the lapel, and go for a three-piece suit.

Add the luxurious details.

If you’re not into satin finishes, make sure your suit can show off other features that will make it formal. For example, the shirt should show about half an inch from your jacket so you can show off crystal or silver cuff links.

Save the double-breasted style for work.

Another thing to look for when you want to get more usage out of your wedding suit is the single-breasted style, with two buttons.

Your wedding day is a special day. While you don’t plan on having another one, it does not mean your wedding suit should not see the light of day again. Think versatility, fit, and quality for your suit and you can wear it post-nuptials.

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