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Funky Street Fashion

Funky Street Fashion

Street Fashion” makes an image of your regular fashion for going outside. It refers to what you prefer to wear while going out for a walk or when you are going for casual workplace or college and especially get together, friends hang out or playing etc. Generally school or college going students enjoy this style the most since they have no pressure of work and professional life. They enjoy their life in every possible way. Street Fashion makes that easier to enjoy each of moment of life. They have no rules and regulation on any dress code whether to wear or avoid. So, you all are already known what the street fashion is.

For college going boys they just want to wear their desired clothing but maintaining the trend of ongoing year. Boys of present age generally love Denim clothing like jeans Pants with a colorful stylish shirts or T-shirt sometimes with short sleeve, sometimes with long sleeve or sleeveless in the summer. Actually teenaged boys are full of live and colors that’s why they have full freedom to wear their desired color such as Red, Maroon, Blue, Violet etc. As they loves to try new experiment on their daily looks.

Blue T-shirt with Half Pant gets you a relaxed mood while walking along with friends. Maroon Shirt with Black pant looks just awesome combination. And what to say about jeans pant? It’s always in the trend guys. So, get a new look trying them out.

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Planning for a long walk in the sun with your loved one? Having problems with dressing is a daily problem. You should start with the consideration of the weather around and what the period of time you are planning for out. You can ask your partner what she is wearing to match each other. If it is daytime of summer then literally you should choose a very light colored and light weight wearing. You may choose white palette colors like white, Off white, light yellow, light blue etc. and match it with a dark colored pants which will provide you maximum comfort and ease to carry and helps ventilation. If it’s a hot sunny day outside then you can carry a light hat matching to your outfit to prevent the ultra violet rays. You can also carry a handbag with you if preferable.

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Street fashion is a wide range trend of fashion which keeps change with your choice of color and feel of comforts. There is a variety in street fashion according to what time you are going for walk or friends hang out, or a family get together or to playground.

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