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How to Dress for Parties

The Esquire guide to attending with style on New Year’s Eve or any other occasion

The Esquire guide to attending with style — on New Year’s Eve or any other occasion

Tip No. 1 party-style
Unless you’re going to a wedding or (wince) a theme party, the invite isn’t going to tell you what to wear. You can either ask the host (if he’s a friend) or just put your own spin on business as usual. A sharply cut (read: nonwork) suit minus the tie, a pair of go-to-hell pants with a navy blazer, dark jeans with a smoking jacket — just make sure one thing seems a little off so that the whole outfit looks right on.

Tip No. 2Dress for Parties
Jeans at parties: Why the hell not? Lighter jeans are always more casual looking than darker ones, so if you do go light (or even distressed) with your denim, balance it out with a dark blazer and a (tucked-in) collared shirt.

Tip No. 3 party-style
The turtleneck is the best not-too-dressy, not-too-casual alternative to a collared shirt at your disposal. If — big if — you do it right. Go dark (black works, though darker blues and reds are less severe), and layer a blazer over it. And never tuck it in.
Tip No. 4 party-style  party-style
Ain’t no shame in keeping things simple (dark suit, white shirt, dark tie: see next slide), but for a bolder look, try layering on the patterns and textures. The key to success is contrast: This pairing of wool, cotton, and silk works because none of the textures are too similar; the pileup of patterns looks good because of the varying scale of each pattern.
Tip No. 5 party-style
Give your work suits a break and look for a suit that’s cut a little closer, a little shorter, and a whole lot sharper. Some folks might call it a cocktail suit. We prefer to think of it as a lady-killer suit.
Tip No. 6 party-style
If the invite says “black tie” (or “black tie optional” or “alternative black tie”), that means “black tie.” But for something only slightly less format, a three-piece power suit is a very fine choice indeed.

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