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In your 20s? – things you should do before you turn 35

In your 20s? – things you should do before you turn 35

There are men who grow old. Then there are men who step fashionably in their 30s. They say 30s is the new 20s for so many reasons including settled lifestyles, full-fledged careers and more. I am turning 35 in two years now and I had made up a list of things that a man should actually complete before he reaches the age of 35. Though I am not the melancholic types who would cringe over growing old, what makes me sad is my list is coming to an end now.

It is a different feeling when you cross 30 and are ready to be a lot more mature and responsible about family, relationships and more. However, in this whole situation, you forget about yourself and your life goals. Talking about men who are in their twenties, you have about 10 years to complete your checklist (if you have any) or if you don’t, we’ll give you one.

Switch in time

Considering the 20s as the time when you choose your field and experiment with things, you must start settling down with what you actually want to do in life. You have the option now and are quite flexible to choose to follow your dreams which you would not be able to do after 35. Then, you would have no option but to continue in order to be the responsible one in the family.

Have a plan B

I have always wanted to do this and finally completed this one recently. You should always have a plan B in case your basic plan of action does not work. This (as the above states) generally happens with your choice of profession. You must always have a second option wherein you don’t get disheartened if the first one doesn’t get to you.

Learn a foreign language

This gets exciting step by step. Learning a foreign language is always a benefit for you. You might want to settle down after learning German or Spanish or use it to make your resume strong for the job prospects. The intention is to go out and explore something new. Whether it is a language of a new culture.

Invest money – in the right place

This is completely logical. You invest money in the right place at the right time, you benefit from the same in due time. This would even help you age properly with a bank-balance that knows all your lavish needs & wants and has the capability to fulfill them no matter how old you are.

Wear branded distressed jeans

I was never the person who would spend a LOT of money on distressed jeans or even spend so much on brands that are the dream brand-types. I finally bought Diesel jeans with all the distressed marks and I’m glad I did that to keep no regret in my head. With so much in fashion and so many people out there intentionally cutting their jeans into pieces, I had to try them for myself.

Walk on the ramp for a high-end designer

I still have this pending. You should be the ones who should be thinking about walking the ramp with the gorgeous clothes and accessories made by designers like Victoria Secrets, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and more. do the needful of having a body meant for the same and go ahead, try this out.

What’s on your list? What do you want to do before you turn 35? Do let us know in the comments below.

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