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Justin O’Shea, The man with Unique Style

justin o shea, unique style, trendy fashion, fashion trend 2015

It is known to all that most of the charming looked celebrities have been maintained their style and male celebrities are very concern about men’s trendy fashion. They have to maintain their well established reputation they have achieved in all with their soul. But all of them are not their own stylish. Most of them are attending album premiers, award shows, album launches and other red carpet events well-dressed because of their expert stylists and fashion designers and it works well.

But there are always exceptions.  A few celebrities are making their own style. They are always advanced in the knowledge of men’s fashion. Sometimes they make the trend by their own. Here we present the inimitably stylish guy who doesn’t just wear men’s wear, he live and breathe it too. And the name is Justin O’Shey, Buying Director at mytheresa.com.

Justin O’Shea spent his early years working down the mines of aboriginal Australia but at present he is spending his all the time in buying appointments and having his pictures taken for pretty much every street style blog going.

justin o shea, unique style, trendy fashion, fashion trend 2015

His unique style suits his charm well. He knows how to present himself and he is pretty sure about that. He has been boasting with his consistently kempt beard and a healthy dose of ink. He is more likely to the loos which are comparatively buttoned-up. It’s a clever blend of rock n roll and the refined tailoring that makes his looks so photogenic. Sometimes he is wearing short-sleeved shirt and tailored trouser combinations or sometimes three-piece suit. His wardrobe is mainly stuffed with slim trousers with boots and dark sunglasses of trendy fashion as well. All these in keeping with the rock influence which are the evidence of his style. O’Shea is one of those few who strike the balance well and smartly blend classic and contemporary.

justin o shea, unique style, trendy fashion, fashion trend 2015

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