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Marmot Isotherm Hoodie

Marmot Isotherm Hoodie


Choosing the right winter coat is a high-stakes decision. Even with a few options in rotation, your favorite coat becomes your trademark for the season. It’s the first thing new acquaintances see on you, and it’s a frequent look seen by your best friends. On top of fashion, performance matters. Looking great is insignificant if you’re shivering on a daily basis.

We’ve taken a closer look at some strong contenders for the coveted “top winter coat” of this season. Establish your priorities and check out these choices that will work well in the elements — and on Instagram.

Marmot Isotherm Hoodie
Marmot is well loved for its attractive outdoor athletic gear. The Isotherm Hoodie (pictured above) is no exception. If you are an active outdoorsman, you’ll want a coat that warms you up without weighing you down. Lightweight, breathable, and full of state-of-the-art synthetic insulation, the Isotherm Hoodie is a great way to get the “puffy” look without a bloated feel. For a performance garment, it offers a good balance between sportive and sleek. You can go right from cross-country skiing to cocktails.

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