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Mens Best Party Dress Style for 2018

Mens Best Party Dress Style for 2018

For a lot of men, going to a party is an exciting social activity, and they will want to dress up properly when they are attending any party in order to be the center of the spotlight. There are quite a lot to worry about to find the best party dress for men, from party wear shirts to party pants and blazers and others. After all, a T-shirt and trousers is out of the question for a party. Here is a list of the best party wear dresses for mens.

While for a lot of men, the basis of a party wear is composed of three elements—a shirt, a pants as well as a blazer. However, you should not think that it is dull only to have all of these, since with different design of the party shirts for men and the pants and different party wear blazers design for mens, you will be able to combine them with different styles.

1. Bright Style

If the purpose of the party is to brighten up the party, then this style will be the best for you. Usually, everyone will be wearing a suit to the party and therefore it can be a very difficult task for you to stand out in the party—after all, for most of the suits, the only difference that is notable is the color of the shirt. However, sometimes you will really need to stand out by wearing the appropriate party dress for men. For example, when the party is held to celebrate your birthday, and you would need to make sure that the party wear shirts are outstanding enough.



For this style, we will not use the traditional navy suit but instead, we will still use a suit but with a bold pattern. Take a look at the Navy Hanford Prince of Wales Checked Cotton Twill Suit Jacket. The patterns on this party wear blazers design for men is perfect in terms of the balance it strikes between low-key-ness and attention. You can see a mild checkered pattern on the blazer that is able to catch the attention of the eyeballs of the guests, but at the same time not being too extravagant as to wow the guests and other people.

The color combination is also carefully designed for this type of blazer—yellow and black. Of course the yellow is for the checkered pattern and the black is the background. In this way, you will be able to brighten up the party will a little bit of sharp party wear dresses for men. For the trousers, the same pattern is used since the theme should be the same for the all three elements for this type of design.

There will be more flexibility regarding the shirt for this type of style since the blazer will cover most of the shirt. Instead, any casual shirt will be enough. By causal I mean any shirt that is plain in design and is not too sharp—since the blazer will cover all of the design. A slim-fit stretch cotton-blend poplin shirt would be a nice idea since in general, the idea of a white shirt will suit a party shirt.

2. Turtle neck shirt

An alternative style of party wear for means is the turtle neck shirt. A lot of you may think that turtle neck is not a notable style at all and therefore no one will be paying attention to this style. However, this is not true, and this actually has an important aspect on the style that you present to other people from your party wear shirts.

Turtle neck shirt

This style will be particularly useful if you wish to be not too dressy when you attend the party, but at the same time you do not want to be too causal. The dilemma can be easily understood since you will need to spend a lot of time for the party wear shirts if you decide to be dressy. However, being too causal on the party wear dresses for men may seem not respectful. Therefore, we may want to have a style that is somewhere in between.

Apart from turtle neck shirt, it is also good to couple the effect with a dark outfit, especially your blazer. Imagine that you are wearing a red or yellow blazer—you would for sure not call that low key right? Of course any blazers that are of color yellow and red would be quite rare, but light blue ones and white ones should be avoided. On the other hand, consider black or dark blue.

The formal fitted two-piece suit would be a nice combination as the color is black, so you will not need to worry that the style of the party wear shirts that you are wearing is too sharp. It is also a very classy one due to the smooth materials that are used to make the blazer.

mens suit

Inside the blazer, you can consider the APC Dundee Roll Neck Knit. This turtle neck shirt is the essence of this style of party dress for men and you will find it very high class but not sharp—the two elements that you are looking for. The turtle neck will be comfortable to wear—and a bonus of it is that it will keep your neck warm when the weather is very cold. Therefore, I will say that this is a very promising party wear dresses for men.

3. Adventurous style

There are different types of parties. For the party organized to celebrate the birthday or other events of your boss or superiors, then perhaps a formal party dress for men should be selected since after all you are nobody and may want to leave a good impression in front of your boss. However, if it is just a hang out party organized with your good friends, then I will say that there is much more flexibility allowed for party wear shirts and also—pants and jeans.

It is not a bad idea to adopt an adventurous style for latter case of parties that I mentioned above. What is meant by an adventurous style? Well, just treat the party as some sort of a trip of shopping or wandering around with your friends. The icon of this style of party dress for men is that you will wear jeans instead of a formal pants or trousers to the party. Of course this will be a casual style but if you are only with all of your good friends, I do not think that there is a huge problem for it.

mens sweater

In particular, I will recommend you to wear lighter jeans. This is because from a point of view of fashion, lighter jeans will be more causal than darker colored ones, and will therefore make you look more adventurous—after all, this is the style of party dresses for men that we are talking about now. Apart from the jeans, I will also recommend you to have a darker sweater or a darker shirt. In this way, there will be a well-designed contrast between the colors of the upper body and the lower body.

For the sweater (not blazer anymore this time), you can choose the long sleeved ribbed cardigan, which is a very cool one designed in the color of dark blue. There is no any notable design for this sweater apart from the plain color, since after all, the focus of this design is the general feel of going on an adventure. For the shirt, again, any causal one will do. But one more reminder here is that for this type of party shirts for men, you will need to tuck it inside the jeans to work the style out.

Of course, the main dish for this style is the jeans, and you can take a look at the mens slim jeans in light wash, which is a simple and smooth jeans that is designed in light color. The jeans are made of denim and this will surely give a strong and firm feel of being adventurous.

An additional consideration of this type of party wear for mens is that you can also wear a casual pick for your shoes. A trainer will be acceptable for this style—and probably only this style. Therefore, if you want an ultimately causal party wear dresses for mens, then this will be the style you are looking for.

4. Fresh and comfortable—waistband trousers and sneakers

Apart from the adventurous style introduced above, this is another style of party dress for men that is semi-causal, but totally stylish. Usually, when you are wearing a fill suit, have you ever been troubled by the design of the trousers and the belt—which is so tight that your waist feels extremely uncomfortable?

Well, I assume that a lot of men would feel the same but in formal situations, we cannot do anything about it. However, what we are talking about now is the party wear dresses for mens. You do not need to be 100% formal in this circumstances right? If your answer is yes, then this style would be suitable for you for sure.

This style makes use of trousers with a comfortable waistband around it so you will not actually need to wear a belt. At the same time, you will not feel uncomfortable around your waist for that. After all, when talking about party wear for mens, we need to take into consideration the fact when one goes to a party, it would usually take a long period of time.

mens party wear

The appetizer for this style is the charcoal Milano Merino Wool Blazer. Again, this is just a blazer of plain color, and the color is dark gray. After all, I believe that most of us will want a relatively low key style when we are going to the party—especially concerning the blazer. The blazer is made of wool, so you will find it comfortable to wear.

The trousers that I am talking about is the slim fit stretch cotton-blend drawstring trousers. With it, you will not need to worry about your waist and it will be very comfortable. These trousers is the perfect way to strike a balance between formality and a comfortable party wear for mens.

Concerning party shirts for men of this style, you can take a look at some polo shirt—again, this is not a perfectly formal party dress style, so a polo shirt will be acceptable. On top of that, a polo shirt will be the best match with the waist-band trousers, and the shirt can add a little element of sportiness to you and this is one of the special features that this style can offer you. While your blazer as well as trousers are usually dark in color for this style, a polo shirt is usually white in color, or at least designed in light color. Therefore, this will be a nice match in terms of the colors.

Lastly, for the shoes of this style of party dress for men, you can just wear sneakers or other sport shoes.

5. Sharp contrast look

We spend quite some time on the design for party dresses for men that is low key, and you may not like those kind of styles, and you may want to have a sharp party wear dresses for men so that you will be in the center of the spotlight. This will happen perhaps due to the fact that you are the host of the party or whatever. If you want to have a bolder look but at the same time not to be too ridiculous, then perhaps this style of party wear shirts and other wears will be for you.

The key of this style is contrast, contrast and contrast. People tend to pay more attention to fashion that are mixed with different contrast. When I am saying contrast, I am not only saying about colors. Of course colors would matter since it would be extremely low-key if you wear all black or all blue for all three piece of garment of your party wear for men.

On top of colors, the texture and materials would also play an important role in this type of style. For example, you can mix wool, cotton as well as silk together for all three pieces of garments and this will be a sharp contrast since not one of those textures are too similar to one another. At the same time, you can also find a blazer or jacket that is having pattern in order to further boost the attention.

mens party suit

For example, you can take a look at the Brown Solo Slim Fit Velvet Blazer as it is a very good starting point of building up your set of party dresses for men. This is a black one made of velvet. Next we will have the checkered wool-blend sweater. This is the main part of he set since there are patterns on this sweater that can be used to catch attention. This checkered sweater is made of wool—which is different from that of the blazer. Lastly, for the trousers, I will recommend the slim fit selvedge denim jeans, which is again a black one made of denim.

As you can see, there are sharp contrast successful established by the combination of this three party wear for men. While the blazer and the trousers are deeper in color, the sweater are lighter in color. You can also see that the materials that are used to make these three party wear for men are different.


Of course there will be a lot more different styles of party dresses for men for you to try out. After all, fashion is all created by human beings and you can be the one to craft the unique fashion that you find the proudest of and is the most suitable to your preference.

Indeed, personal preference plays an important role in choosing the suitable style of party shirts for men as well as the party wear blazer design for mens. The most notable decision that you will need to make is whether you want a sharp design or a low key design. Also, you will also need to answer the question of whether you want the design to be casual or formal. These will already be difficult questions for you to design.

A party is for fun, relaxation and excitement, and I believe that the right and proper dressing contribute a lot into enabling you to have an unforgettable experience in the party. Therefore, spend some time and think carefully of the party wear you choose before attending the parties.


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