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Men’s style for “Cocktail Attire”

Men’s style for “Cocktail Attire”


Often you get invitation card that says, “Cocktail Attire”. It could be a party for any occasion including weddings, anniversaries, Christmas party, sporting events, cocktail parties and formal birthday gatherings. Men’s fashion 2015 includes some suggestions for your outfits.

You should have realized that a T-shirt and jeans combination for these types of parties is the foulest combination to dress up yourself. You would find yourself nothing but just a major tool there, no lady will pay attention to you if you are wearing these embarrassing outfits in a cocktail party. So, you should have proper knowledge about right and wrong dress for all these occasions so that you can not find yourself as an alien.

You just need to follow some breakdown and some rules given below and keep yourself up-to-date about men’s fashion 2015. Hope you’ll have the proper knowledge on what to wear and what to avoid for a cocktail attire after reading following the rules and breakdown.

  • Tailoring

Tailoring is the first thing you should concern about when it come to a cocktail attire at any party to capture the pulled together look. Be sure that your clothing is righty tailored to your body as it should contour your natural shape. It’ll be the best if you have your own designer for tailoring or you should find an expert. But whatever and however it is you should be well fitted in your clothing and always get your pants hemmed and never wear pants that are too long or too short. It would be the most cardinal sin in suiting. Let me remind you one more thing that you already know that never button the bottom button of your suit or jacket. It will ruin your dressing at once. You better be careful about it.

  • Color and Texture

It’s very usual that most of the parties are held in the evening. And whether it is spring or summer you may keep dark colored suits in your party collection. You can wear dark chocolate, blackish maroon or other dark pallet color and you also can opt for texture without any hesitation but try to keep it simple. A gray wool-cashmere blend is always a nice option and definitely a safe bet.

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  • Shirts

You must not want yourself too distracting or loud. So, dress yourself with a crisp cotton shirt. You should know that a standard shirt is the most essential parts of the cocktail hour look. Keep it in your mind what type and color of your suit is and then make a choice. If you are planning for a patterned shirt make sure that it be either a light pinstripe or mellow check. But if you dress with a printed shirt then your suit must be of a solid color. No exception here. You should follow the fashion trend of 2015 for men to select one.

  • Shoes

If you know what a woman think about your shoes. It is so, the shoes of a man tell a lot about him. So be concern of the trendy fashion of shoes for you guys. Actually Leather oxfords in either dark camel or black are pretty standard for cocktail hour or anything in the trend matches to the suit.

  • Accessories

Your look won’t be completed until your accessories don’t match to your outfits. You should be little choosy about the belts, cufflinks, ties, most importantly watches and other things.



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