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Sleeve Shirt With Short Pants Casual Outfits

Sleeve Shirt With Short Pants Casual Outfits

Sleeve-Shirt-With-Short-Pants-Casual-Outfits-coverAs a rule, relate shirts with short sleeves with casual outfits, and really there is no possibility of using them in a formal event, but even so they should stay away from tailoring a look well thought joining pieces of this type may result in something very interesting, as discussed below:Sleeve-Shirt-With-Short-Pants-Casual-Outfits-2 Sleeve-Shirt-With-Short-Pants-Casual-Outfits-2

Why it works?

The trick here is not trying to force anything formal, his way is the relaxed combo that values ​​elegance, inserting more modern elements to give the young casual outfits touch by customizing the look. The short-sleeved shirt with detail on the pocket makes this role very well, while the pants slim fit tailoring ensures lined silhouette. The penny loafer shoe falls well not be as austere as one oxford, nor relax as a shoe, causing the middle on between the two styles that coexist in this combination and its brown color is a better option to the staid black. The belt is another element that draws attention and updated look, use it in this way, tying a knot to hold the spare, only increases this feeling and shows that you do not take too seriously so. ; )


A shirt with micro patterns or stripes to draw slightly more look for the top. Remember, you are free to add a stylish watch.
It would not be the same if …

Sleeve-Shirt-With-Short-Pants-Casual-Outfits-4 Sleeve-Shirt-With-Short-Pants-Casual-Outfits-3


We changed the tailored pants for jeans, the end result would be much more conventional.
Summing up:

Mix styles with care and skill always gives good results;
The short-sleeved shirt is not formal as a long-sleeved version, but can be combined with tailored pants for a casual look;
Details at the top give style and personality;
The penny loafer well represent this middle ground between the two styles;
The colored belt provides young and modern touch;
Prints and patterns on the shirt can help draw attention to the face;
Here is a look where jeans would not add a lot!




Additional tips:

For chubby – the colored belt can draw too much attention to the wrong place, a neutral accessory is wiser. Pants with straight cut will probably be best for you.
For shorties – trousers with a very discreet pinstripe can give the illusion of longer legs. Careful if you bend the bars pants, observe if they do not shorten your silhouette. The sleeves have to end in the middle of your forearm if they are longer than that your arms will seem short.

For too high – thin belts are not very indicated, prefer something more full-bodied, but keep the color, it helps to cut the silhouette. Very short sleeves can be a problem if the length gives the impression that his arms are immense.

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