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Style Profile: Jon Hamm

Style Profile: Jon Hamm

jonhammWhile you’ll probably know him best as the man who’s nonchalantly wooed women the world over with his brooding, Golden Globe-winning performance as Don Draper in AMC’s Mad Men, Jon Hamm has recently knocked the bottom out of claims that he’s a mere one trick pony.

For proof, just take a glance at the actor’s stellar portfolio of film credits, from fantasy romp Sucker Punch to Bridesmaids to The Town. This year, Hamm’s stock continues to rise.

Now that Draper’s fate has been wrapped up with last month’s Mad Men season finale, Hamm isn’t resting on his laurels. He’s set to appear in spy espionage caper Keeping Up with the Joneses alongside Zach Galifianakis and Isla Fisher, whilst also notching up a voice credit in the forthcoming Minions animated movie. And that’s all while continuing to be an all-round international sex symbol. No mean feat, gentlemen.

But we’re not here to talk acting; we’re here to talk style. Why? As Hamm’s star continues to rise for his versatility in acting, his status as one of the most stylish men on the A-list circuit also strengthens.

Style Evolution
Call it the Don Draper effect. It might have been Hamm’s acting prowess that first brought him to our attention, but since making his Mad Men debut back in 2007, the actor’s impeccable off-screen style has garnered just as much buzz as his on-screen character’s exploits.

When Hamm first started making headlines circa Mad Men‘s launch, he introduced his go-to look that he’d continue to repurpose and refine over the course of the next seven or so years: an exceptionally well-tailored, single-breasted suit with a crisp white shirt. More often than not, his suit would be in a block-colour, but sometimes Hamm opted to switch it up, experimenting with, say, a subtle windowpane check or a pinstripe.

Sticking to a simple yet unique formula – something that all men should strive to do as they hone their personal style – Hamm has identified the colours that truly work for him, and as his style has evolved, we’ve seen his wardrobe’s core colour palette gradually pared-back to around three basic pantones that sit well with his (and almost everyone’s) skin tone: black, grey and navy.

As the type of man who knows how to wear the hell out of a suit or tux, you’ll be hard pushed to find a picture of Hamm at a premiere or red carpet event where he isn’t cutting just as sharp a figure as Don Draper:jonhammsuits1

The Grooming
He’s also taken grooming advice from his small screen alter ego, ditching his old 1990s curtains hairstyle for a slick, Draper-esque 1950s chop. Keen to steal his look? You’ll need to first shop around for a decent barber, if you don’t already have one.

Once you’re in the chair, ask them to keep the back and sides around an inch long, while leaving up to four inches on top, which can be parted at the side. Everything should be evenly blended and scissor cut – no shaved fades allowed.jonhammgrooming2

Off the red carpet, Hamm’s style has also undergone a subtle transformation. When in his thirties, the actor’s off-duty style often consisted of nondescript baggy sweats, polo shirts and baseball caps.

Now in his mid-forties, you’re much more likely to see him papped wearing quality menswear staples such as classic leather jackets, hard-wearing chinos, slim-fit selvedge denim and checked shirts. Basically, everything you need to build a solid, hard-working wardrobe.

He’s also given some thought to the accessories that are sure to smarten up any casual get-up, whether that’s a tweed flat cap, cashmere scarf or leather holdall – those all-important details that will add interesting accents to your downtime looks:

What We Can Learn
Key Piece: The Leather Jacket

Every man should invest in a timeless leather jacket. And while the biker styles Hamm favoured in his twenties might not be a natural fit for his wardrobe now, he has switched these out for something slightly more gentlemanly, providing a great example of how you can tweak and upgrade your style as you work your way up the career ladder.

Today, his go-to silhouettes are the aviator and bomber. Whether worn over a finely knit jumper and jeans to catch a flight at LAX, or used as a light top layer over a shirt and chinos when headed out at night, Hamm offers a strong reminder of the versatility of a well-fitting leather jacket.

There are just a couple of golden rules you need to stick to: make sure the colour is either black or dark brown, and ensure you go for a cut that fits well on the shoulders and lightly hugs, but doesn’t cling to, your body.

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