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How To Dress For An Interview -Mens Fashion


Quite obvious is the fact that attending an interview is one of the most important tasks. It is a turning point in your glowing career. So when you are attending an interview the physical outlook, dressing sense makes an additional impact. The black colored men’s suit is most commonly associated with formal and elegance thus providing an impressive look while ...

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5 Tips on How to Choose a Travel Bag

travel bag

Men’s travel bag has seized to be just a practical matter a long time ago. Today it is also a question of style and it is equally as important as the clothes you are carrying inside of it. There are so many things to consider when buying the bag, how will it pair up with your stylish travel clothes, among ...

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6 Trouser Styles You Should Consider


We understand that statement jackets and cool shoes are always going to be more fun to shop for, but it’s incredible how often guys can overlook their legs when checking out. A smart choice of trouser can be the most powerful item you wear, and a bad pair can instantly lay waste to all of your hard work. Yes, it’s ...

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10 Of The Best Everyday Watches Under £250


While we’d all love to be walking round with a Patek or IWC on our wrist, for many of us the dream remains a distant one. However, while this fashion fantasy may not be within financial reach, owning a smart and sophisticated timepiece isn’t an unattainable feat. With both independent watchmakers and high street labels upping their game, it’s now ...

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Style Tips That Will Make You Look Taller


Some men have a BIG problem being small. Maybe it’s because a tall man is likely to earn £100,000 more over a thirty-year career, or maybe it’s the worry of spending your life as an armrest. Whatever the reason, a lack of height can be a real issue. While, like ageing and grey hair, some men embrace it, the notion ...

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The Basic Rules Of Suit Fit


The margin for error when it comes to wearing a well-fitting suit is long and wide, especially if the one you’ve been pulling out for weddings, interviews and every office party in between is either too long or too wide. Few of us are blessed with the model build to be able to wear an off-the-peg version without needing a ...

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Style Lessons We Can Learn From Streetwear Guys


Fashion has always been tribal. From the pitched battles between mods and rockers along the Brighton seafront to teddy boys battering punks up and down the King’s Road, what we wear signals who we are, what we represent and who we identify with. Though today the violence has lessened – unless you count catty Instagram photos of kids queued up ...

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Why Every Man Needs A Plaid Shirt


Contemporary thinking on plaid tends to lie in one of two camps: those who see it as a simple, stylish essential, and those who denounce it as a sartorial symbol of that shudder-inducing neologism, the ‘hipster’. But to dismiss plaid as just another tired trend is to do it a disservice, as its history and longevity suggest otherwise. Whether it’s ...

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The Autumn/Winter 2015 Accessories Edit


As temperatures begin to take a tumble, it’s time to turn our attention to the wardrobe investments which will help us beat the cold in style. Yes, the onset of the autumn/winter season may signal red noses and flaking faces ahead, but for those who have grown tired of summer’s T-shirt-and-shorts uniform, the sudden need for layering up will come ...

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6 Accessories Every Man Should Buy This Autumn

mens fashion, mens accessories

The amount of wool in your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that should change as the nights get longer. Plunging mercury also offers the chance to switch up your accessories, ensuring you outflank the forecast and keep your look seasonal. Here are six accents every man should have in his autumn arsenal. That’s A Wrap Autumn weather is tricky to ...

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5 Of The Best Men’s Watches For Autumn

mens watches

As if the urge to switch on your central heating wasn’t clue enough, the passing of the autumn equinox is the official sign we’ve switched seasons. As you unpack your roll necks and pea coat – praying your moth-fighting efforts weren’t in vain – it’s time to change up what’s on your wrist to suit. Ferragamo 1898sport Salvatore Ferragamo’s autumn/winter ...

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10 More Iconic Menswear Pieces


It’s a simple fact that men need to own certain items: a good hammer, a decent record player, a really warm blanket that potential mates will totally dig. And the same principle applies to your wardrobe too. While menswear’s not a game of Paint By Numbers, it’s always good to know you’re on the right track. Which is why we ...

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