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9 Factors That Affect Men’s Hair Loss

Hair Loss. Balding. The Receding Hairline. For many men – it’s an inevitable part of life. Their father, grandfather, and brothers all had it – so they’ll deal with balding as well. Right? Well – what if there were ways to delay balding. What if you could put off hair loss through lifestyle changes? Although there are no guarantees here ...

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9 Classic Men’s Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

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Some say footwear is the first thing people’s eyes fix on – but we’d argue hair is up there too. And, unlike a pair of subpar brogues or some battered white leather trainers, you can’t easily slip out of a questionable hairstyle. So it pays to get acquainted with the classic cuts that work for you, and that won’t fall ...

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The 10 Best Men’s Hair Styling Products

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The Best Of The Best I’ve always been a merchandiser’s dream: if anything is hyped or new on the market then you can guarantee I will either need to buy it or, at the very least, try it. As a stylist, I have used hundreds of different lotions and potions over the years, but there are certain hair products that ...

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