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How To Reinvent Your Style In Budget?

How To Reinvent Your Style In Budget

The other day I was looking an outfit in my wardrobe that I had not worn too often and realized that my cupboard was full of pieces that had either gone ancient or the ones that I realized were not meant for me. It was a bad day or probably an awakening moment, which made me feel that I have ...

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6 Trouser Styles You Should Consider

We understand that statement jackets and cool shoes are always going to be more fun to shop for, but it’s incredible how often guys can overlook their legs when checking out. A smart choice of trouser can be the most powerful item you wear, and a bad pair can instantly lay waste to all of your hard work. Yes, it’s ...

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Style Tips That Will Make You Look Taller

Some men have a BIG problem being small. Maybe it’s because a tall man is likely to earn £100,000 more over a thirty-year career, or maybe it’s the worry of spending your life as an armrest. Whatever the reason, a lack of height can be a real issue. While, like ageing and grey hair, some men embrace it, the notion ...

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Style Lessons We Can Learn From Streetwear Guys

Fashion has always been tribal. From the pitched battles between mods and rockers along the Brighton seafront to teddy boys battering punks up and down the King’s Road, what we wear signals who we are, what we represent and who we identify with. Though today the violence has lessened – unless you count catty Instagram photos of kids queued up ...

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5 Of The Best Men’s Watches For Autumn

mens watches

As if the urge to switch on your central heating wasn’t clue enough, the passing of the autumn equinox is the official sign we’ve switched seasons. As you unpack your roll necks and pea coat – praying your moth-fighting efforts weren’t in vain – it’s time to change up what’s on your wrist to suit. Ferragamo 1898sport Salvatore Ferragamo’s autumn/winter ...

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The Century-Old Menswear Pieces That Still Look Good

mens fashion, casual fashion, mens style, mens wear

Certain menswear pieces have so much history they’re impervious to trends. You may have to visit the V&A to get your knickerbocker and frock coat fill, but some of their fashion contemporaries look as fresh-faced now as they did on your great-granddad. And with designers raiding the archive to take this season’s pieces back to their roots, now you can ...

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5 Items That Should Be In A versatile Wardrobe

There is a compelling reason why humans like uniformity. We live in a world that presents us with overwhelming choices. One less choice to make is going to result in better focus where it counts.  Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and a growing list of influential leaders have shared that decisions on what clothes to wear is not something they want to ...

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9 Style Tips For Young Men

Too many young men are starting their professional lives without a clue as to how to dress. This needs to change. Young men are the future leaders of society, and dressing sharp is the first step towards becoming a professional. Let me clear. Clothing does not make the man……however. The right clothing can give a young man precious seconds to make his ...

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2015’s Key Men’s Jeans Trends

You already own jeans. Heck, your bedroom floor is probably carpeted in pairs awaiting the washing machine at this very moment. But what you might not realise is that this year has seen a step-change in the wealth of styles available to men with an appetite for quality denim. So what better time to talk you through the strongest cuts, ...

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9 Classic Men’s Hairstyles That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

mens fashion, mens hair style, mens style

Some say footwear is the first thing people’s eyes fix on – but we’d argue hair is up there too. And, unlike a pair of subpar brogues or some battered white leather trainers, you can’t easily slip out of a questionable hairstyle. So it pays to get acquainted with the classic cuts that work for you, and that won’t fall ...

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The Commuter’s Guide To Style

mens fashion, mens styling tips

As summer holidays draw to an end and the first signs of autumn appear, you’ll immediately notice the city streets becoming busier. But that back-to-work feeling needn’t be all doom and gloom. September is the perfect time to invest in new office attire to take on both the boardroom and your morning commute with confidence. Whether you’re hopping on a ...

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8 Modern Alternatives To Vintage Classics

mens fashion, mens clothing, mens style

Few things trump a good vintage score. After all, it’s hard to beat something that’s not only extremely affordable, but unique to boot. Over the past fifteen years, we’ve seen a proliferation of identikit second-hand rails of 1990s-era denim, 1980s flannels and sports kit, as well as patterned ties and beaten-up shoes – from capital city shopping districts to small ...

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