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Style Lessons We Can Learn From Streetwear Guys


Fashion has always been tribal. From the pitched battles between mods and rockers along the Brighton seafront to teddy boys battering punks up and down the King’s Road, what we wear signals who we are, what we represent and who we identify with. Though today the violence has lessened – unless you count catty Instagram photos of kids queued up ...

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Mens Street Fashion 2014-15 : London Collection


Street fashion Street fashion is emerged from the fashion come from grassroots not from the studios fashion. Youth culture has humbly embraced street fashion and made a special direction in mens fashion. Men especially college or university going boys are getting highly fond of it. The best part is there are thousands of options for street style and no fixed ...

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Morning fashion for men

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Health conscious guys often go out for a walk in the morning or reach close distances on foot or without any reason walk for a while with friends. Yeah! That’s very normal. And the morning walk is a must to keep your age hide by your look. While going outside without any official reason you try to keep your look ...

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