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The Fifth Watches Review

Can we get real with each other for a minute? I’ll be honest with you: I’m not really a watch guy. Yeah, I own a few, but I’m not saving up for a Rolex or anything.

This probably has something to do with the fact that most watches are too bulky for me. If you have relatively small wrists and hands, the last thing you need is some behemoth watch weighing you down.

There are many watches I’d like to wear but can’t pull off because of their size and visual weight.

Ideally, here’s what I look for in a watch:

  • Clean, minimal design
  • Small to medium face size
  • Thin “depth” or thickness
  • Affordable price
  • Leather strap

It’s hard to find watches that meet all of these criteria, which is why I’m excited to introduce The Fifth Watches.

They sent over a watch from their New York Classic collection, and it’s hands-down my new favorite watch for daily wear.

The Fifth Watches Review

But before we talk about that, you should know two things about The Fifth.

#1: They’re Really Nice People

Meet TFW team:

Funny thing happens when your blog starts gaining popularity: You get bombarded with requests for promotion.

Marketing reps come out of the woodwork. Most of them don’t even take the time to learn your name before hitting you up, asking you to help sell their products.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m flattered that companies value The Modest Man readership, and I’m thrilled that I can actually make money blogging.

But too much of this marketing outreach feels impersonal and even rude.

So it’s always refreshing to meet people like Angus – the social media guru at TFW – who wanted to chat over Skype to learn more about The Modest Man, and who offered to send over a trial watch before asking about reviews.

You only need to look at their Instagram posts to understand how fun-loving and passionate this crew is. They love what they’re doing, and they love their products, which is very cool.

#2: They Have a Unique Business Model

The name “The Fifth Watches” has two meanings. First, it describes the brand’s aesthetic – a blend of modern Melbourne design and classic New York style.

It’s also a nod to their business model: products are released on the 5th of each month for five days, while supplies last (they sell out quickly).TFW Brooklyn close up 3TFW Brooklyn close up 1

This is why it’s important to sign up for free as a VIP member. You’ll early access to the entire collection (9 hours before the general public) and exclusive access to the new collection (like the one I’m wearing).

The Watches

TFW has a handful of styles in two different collections. I really like the black-on-black Brooklyn from their New York Classic collection.

Here are the specs:TFW Brooklyn watch depth

  • All black
  • Two stitched straps (one matte, one shiny)
  • No second hand
  • 40mm face
  • Thin depth (around 6mm)

The matte strap is perfect for casual wear, and you can swap it out for the patent leather strap if you wanted to dress it up.The Fifth Watches Fit 2The Fifth Watches Fit 3

For this post, I kept things casual with a high quality white t-shirt, a nylon jacket with retro vibes and tropical weight wool trousers (links below).

This watch would also look great paired with a navy, black or grey suit, but it’s a perfect addition to a simple, casual outfit like mine.

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