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Top 5 Hairstyle for mens fashion 2015

Top 5 Hairstyle for mens fashion 2015


Almost every man is growing their interest in new hairstyles this year. Men’s Fashion has been updated day by day and new haircuts are adding to their style and men can’t help it trying them. So, for you guys here we bring your haircut guidance for this fashion trend 2015.

The Taper:

Style conscious men are eager to get a properly done Taper haircut in this trend. Let me tell you shortly what that is! Basically it a gradual trim which defines decreases hair length on both side of the ears and back of the head. This stylish cut is usually blended to make a smooth haircut and it makes comfortable in summer days. It’s has both casual and formal appearance.

men's fashion, hair style, taper hairstyle


men's fashion, mens hair style



 Brushed up top:

Guys with round faces have good news with this style. This style suits you the most. Brush your hair up and apply little hair gel to set that and keep the hair on both sides shorter but not too much shorter. It brings you an illusion of longer face that’s make your look perfect. It is usually applied with the casual fashion.

men's hairstyle, brush up top hairstyle, mens fashion

 Bangs with shorter hair on sides:

This year mens style is adding more and more to contribute and enrich your style. Men with a windows peak hairline or a large forehead will embrace this style happily. The bangs cover your forehead which makes a shorter forehead illusion to your look. It is an ever green style because of its widely range of application. It can be applied in any kind of style you are doing in your regular life.

mens hairstyle, mens bangs hairstyle, mens style 2015

Short Hairstyle:

Adored by all men for it’s easy maintenance and especially suits on guys with a square shape face. Keep very shorter hair on both sides and back and 1-1.5 inches long on the top to achieve the style. This is for all type of men’s styles.

mens hairstyle, mens summer hairstyle, short hairstyle

Medium length haircut

I found many guys unwilling to cut their hair shorter. No matter if the weather is too hot and sweaty. Mens fashion 2015 kept space for those also. This medium Length hairstyle is perfect with messy look. It is not recommended if you are trying to maintain a formal look. In that case it will ruin your image. You just need it to set your medium length hair nicely for a formal look.

mens medium lenght haircut, mens hairstyle, mens haircut

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