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Wallets That Fit In The Front Pocket

Wallets That Fit In The Front Pocket

A man’s wallet.

It’s an essential men’s accessory that we’ve carried since we were boys.

Over the centuries, men have not strayed far from their idea of how a wallet should look and feel.

We prefer the simple and practical designs with quality leather work.

We also value durability, as we want our billfold to last for years.

Last – but not least – we seek security.  It job is to keep our money secure.

Keeping with this long tradition – I have a great product to share with you.

The Rogue Wallet is a billfold of solid great workmanship, simplicity, and quality.

There is also a couple unique factor to these wallets. But I’ll get to that in a few seconds.

The company makes their wallets in Portland, Maine. Most of their products are made right here in the USA, although recently they also started to manufacture overseas.  Those products are sold at a lower cost (and clearly marked as made outside the USA) for those that want to try the style but are very price sensitive.

A few samples were sent to me by one of the Rogue Wallet’s founders (it’s a family owned business) – I kept one and passed the others onto friends and men in my Build Your Wardrobe private community.

My thoughts?

Over the lat year I have used my Rogue Wallet about 200 times and I highly recommend purchasing from this solid American men’s wallet company.

Here are my reasons why!



Wallet Simplicity

The wallet’s design is simple. No fuss and unnecessary add-ons.

When Rogue Industries designed this product, there is no doubt that they were thinking of producing a wallet with classic style and utility.

This wallet is a classic addition to your timeless style.  It is very practical for daily use.


Unique Shape – Front Pocket Designed WalletMaine_Salmon_Wallet

This wallet will fit your front pocket comfortably.

It features a curved edge which is a very clever idea.  It mirrors the pocket shape of men’s pants.

Having your wallet in your front pocket not only slims down the chance for pickpockets but also helps you dismiss the worry of back issues. There have been talks about back pain resulting from sitting too long on a large wallet. I personally have no knowledge of a study done on this but I would rather not press my luck!

Nevertheless, if you are not so concerned about that, the Rogue wallet can be worn in the front or back pockets.


RFID Shielding For Your Billfold

For those who are not so familiar with RFID Shielding, it is a way to protect you from ID theft.  RFID stands for radio frequency identification.  This frequency is emitted through an embedded RFID chip.

How can ID theft be done, you ask?

Most recently issud credit cards have an RFID card embedded in them.

It is possible for people who are just a few meters (or farther if they have strong equipment) away from you to scan that ID.

If your card has shielding, which most recently issued cards have, then that cannot happen. If you are not sure, you can either check your credit card company or just simply trust your Rogue wallet to do the job (or wrap your card in aluminum foil from what I hear!).


Wallet Durability

Even on regular use and however you wear it, the Rogue wallet maintains its shape.

The company uses unique and custom tanned leathers that sets apart the quality of their products among others. It is also built to last as the craftsmanship shows.

As an added plus, the wallet comes with a two-year satisfaction guarantee.

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