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Warm Weather Sweaters | How to Wear A Sweater In Hot Climate

Warm Weather Sweaters | How to Wear A Sweater In Hot Climate

Hot weather & sweaters.

You might think they don’t go together……..however….

It is possible to wear a sweater when the weather is warm.


Well let me start with the question a reader from North Queensland Australia sent me.


I like your video on jeans and sweaters. However it is too warm in Queensland for sweaters. How can I still sport a sweater in warm weather?

North Queensland is tropical and hot.

Even the winters are mild with the average temperature being 17 C (62.6 F for my North American readers)

In the summer – it gets routinely over 30 C (90+ F)

So how do you wear a sweater in hot weather?

Cotton / Linen Blend

First – Purchase A Sweater Made From The Right Materials

Consider buying a sweater made with light fibers. Avoid buying heavy weight 100% wool or cashmere sweater.

Light-weight blends with linen or cotton are lighter, cooler and more breathable.

You may not get the same texture as a Merino wool sweater but a cotton/linen blend sweater will help you keep your cool.

An Alpaca worsted cotton blended with silk produces a soft fabric that drapes well on your body and has a slight sheen that creates a cool summer look.

If you hold the sweater up to light – you should be able to see through the weaves.

When combined with other layers, a thin light-weight sweater can be worn across a range of temperatures.


Lightweight SweaterSecond – Wear Your Sweater At The Right Time

Winters are short and brief in some parts of Australia. Be ready for those few months of slight chill with the sweater combinations. In some parts of North America – the weather leans towards a tropical average for a major part of the year.

Whether you’re visiting a tropical island or trying to be relevant to the season – it helps to pay attention to the following details.

  • A sleeveless sweater made in a light fabric with a see-through weave will be cool to touch and adds an extra dimension to your outfit.  It is more appropriate for summer weather.
  • A cardigan with an open front is not suitable for cold winters – but works perfectly in adding movement to your silhouette while the open front maintains circulation of air to your body.
  • Stick to lighter colors in the summer. Sweaters in lighter colors and neutrals shades look and feel cooler. Darker colors attract and trap the sun’s rays while lighter colors are better at deflecting the heat.

In winter – be ready with your favorite sweaters. The weather is cooler in the evenings and early mornings between June and August in Australia. Have your winter sweaters ready for this period.


Third – Incorporate Travel Sweaters When Going To Cooler Climates

When you travel – it is easier to pack a sweater than a jacket.

A sweater is light and easy to fold. You will be ready for long waits in air-conditioned airports and sudden drops in temperature in new places with a sweater hanging over your shoulders.

The padding from the soft knit material will add protection to the other items in your travel bag.

Sweaters are easy to roll up and fit in your day bag – making it easy to access when you need it.

If you travel down the coast from Northern Queensland – the weather starts to get cooler. Melbourne has relatively cold winters. I remember wearing multiple layers on a cold night in Sydney and still feeling the chill.

You may find yourself traveling to other countries where the weather is not so mild. A quick trip to chilly Vancouver, Canada will have you running to the stores for warm woolens.

A lightweight sweater is a great option for layering, both in summer and winter.

A light-weight cashmere sweater is more interchangeable and will be more useful than a heavy-weight wool sweater.

Don’t let the hot weather stop you from rocking sweaters. Pick the right fabrics in light colors and cuts. Make the most of layering even in summer weather.

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