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What to wear in a Wedding Party??

What to wear in a Wedding Party??

We have to attend different wedding parties in almost every month, wedding of Hundreds of friends, colleagues, cousins or other relatives. And as a civilized person we must attend them. What’s worry about is how to dress up? What’s the new wedding collection of this fashion trend and what color palate is to choose? Where to start the dressing plan? Etc. Guys Here is the solution for your confusions. Just follow some steps accordingly.

  • Custom:

At first you have to start from considering the custom of the wedding. Because every different customs have different costumes for their cultural program and ceremonies which you must maintain. It’s a commonsense about communication. It makes no difference which different custom you belong to. When you’re attending any party you should keep it mind from which culture the hosts are come from and you should respect that. In the western culture men are wearing Suits, Pants, Shirts and such formal dresses. They have and polite tradition of wedding and prefer white based light colors such as ash, white, very light blue, pink or black, dark brown etc. for the parties.

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On the other hand in Eastern culture people enjoy a very crowded wedding with music and cheerful programs and a colorful wedding ceremony. Here men easily wear different colors and designs of Suits, Shirts, Pants, Panjabi etc. in a wedding ceremony. It’s obvious that the men’s style defers from culture to culture. There is no doubt that it may not be similar the fashion trend of 2015

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  • Type of the Party:

Moving to the next step. You’d think what kind of wedding party it is whether it’s a grand party or a simple family party. You’ll naturally know what to wear then. If it’s a grand party and you are one of the thousands guest then you should strictly follow a trendy fashion as it will help you to uphold your personality among them and make yourself feel special. I’ve seen such people who get upset with themselves among other people and think themselves unsmarted just because of their dressing. So, it’s better to think before you’re dressed. Anyway, if you are attending family parties then feel relaxed that you don’t have to be so much conscious about the new men’s fashion trend or not to show off. But still you should make yourself better dressed and a charmer look in even a small party.

  • Period of Daytime:

The next point you should think about is the periodic daytime of the ceremony and the weather. As it is running summer time. So, you must not wear a dark color in the daytime. It provides hot feelings both to look and feel. But you can think about for the night parties.

  • Fabric:

Check out what fabric collection is raised in the trend of 2015. Light fabrics are preferable but it may not be possible to wear to be well dressed since Suits, Coats, Pants are included in men’s fashion 2015. But try to make it as comfortable as possible.

  • Color:

As a complete and classy man you should have proper color sense. Color is a visual language of your taste. So the more you apply it properly the more you define you taste better. Actually color is such a important thing about clothing. It should match to the ceremony, weather and your own perspective at the same time. So, it should be balanced in your clothing. In this Summer aquamarine, scuba blue, Lucite green, strawberry ice, custard, marsala, glacier gray etc. are in.



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